RV roof clean and reseal DIY


My 2006 toy hauler roof needs some maintenance. Here is a DIY project everyone needs to do after 10 years of sun deterioration. I bought the stuff at Camping World, but there are other places online.


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  1. BrotherBones X
    BrotherBones X says:

    I am getting ready to redo my roof but I called Keystone and they said I cannot walk on my roof. I notice your Travel Trailer also does not have a ladder. Any suggestions or did you just ignore the rhetoric?

  2. Vinny Boombah
    Vinny Boombah says:

    Just washed the roof on my fifth wheel yesterday with a little dawn dish detergent water and soft scrub brush….got a few black spots but I feel the roof is good for awhile….having said that it sure looks like you did a great job rrr…..when the time comes I'll do the same as you!
    Thanks for making this video….much appreciated!!

  3. Marty Smarty
    Marty Smarty says:

    Another example of the many types of maintenance that's needed if you own an RV. I just found a small leak in my roof on a recent roof inspection. That can lead to thousands in repairs if its not caught quickly. I fixed it with Eternabond tape. I recommend using a good vehicle maintenance program http://www.lonewolf-software.com/automotivewolf.com to manage all the different types of maintenance needed on an RV. This software tracks maintenance, repairs, parts, expenses and even trips that I've taken. It's easily configured for any RV or really any type of vehicle. I even use it for my boat. Definitely keeps you up to date on the maintenance which can save you A LOT of money.

  4. bradrh79
    bradrh79 says:

    How can I prevent water from leaking into a camper roof that already has a leak while I’m pressure washing it?(prior to sealing) Sorry if it’s a silly question, this will be my first time doing this. Someone’s knowledge would be greatly appreciated 😊👐

  5. Jason Kubitz
    Jason Kubitz says:

    I just did the same to my 26' toy hauler. My roof was almost all black because I was on the last layer apparently. RV places wanted anywhere from $3K-5K to replace my roof. I used the same product you used and I'm actually very impressed. I used a paint tray but it really doesn't matter. I will probably be doing one layer every year from here on out.


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