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We rented our RV to avoid the coach sitting in storage, and help offset the cost of owning an RV. This is what one renter did to our coach in 4 days!

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  1. Jennifer Scott
    Jennifer Scott says:

    I feel so bad for you it looks like your dream turned into your nightmare , it must have been one of those entitled Millennial that hit curbs, text and drives because they think they can multi task in reality they cant and don't care about anything because everything has been handed to them they've never had to work for anything knowledge(it's at their fingertips or smart phones no walking to a liabary, opening a book or asking a elder) money(there parents give them free money or credit cards they don't mow lawns and if they do it's with a robot they have no sweat equity for there money enduring the pain of making it) simple entertainment( they are entertained by there phones every second of the day, so no social interaction of being respectful of others feelings or belongings because if you upset them or behave badly you don't have a friend to talk to hang out with or do stuff with like board games) and not only do they damage your stuff they damage other people in the process if the guy doesn't know what he hit who's to say it wasn't a person he ran over. The worst part is insurance never really covers the cost, they get you to so your out all the way around. I appreciate the hardships I grew up with, I see the new way as the downfall of man kind, but I enjoyed your video that the new age has brought us. I wish I was going on a rv trip with you looks like it was a sweet ride.


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