RV Renovation: 188sqft

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No matter if you buy a vintage RV or one fresh off the assembly line, you’ll want to spend some time making it feel like home.

As full-time RVers, Kevin and Mandy took this to heart—taking their brand new fifth wheel toyhauler down to the bare floors and walls and renovating it to perfectly fit their lifestyle.

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34 replies
  1. Mary Yexley
    Mary Yexley says:

    I liked the before and the after. They are completely different. The before is sleek and modern and uncluttered clean lines. The after is funky, BoHo, laid-back. Completely different styles. And both are wonderful!

  2. TurboSol
    TurboSol says:

    Some part of me gets very excited at the thought of buying an RV to renovate and live in, but I also know it's irrational since I wouldn't be using it to travel, it kind of defeats the benefits, on paper a tiny home or real house makes sense because they actually go up in value whereas an RV drops rapidly. Oh well.

  3. InnerPeaceCoachingdotcom
    InnerPeaceCoachingdotcom says:

    Love the renovations! Loved your first 188 sq ft reno as well!!! Did you sell the Keystone?
    How are you enjoying the new rig? Does it make boondocking easier/better?
    I have to know – what was the name of the rv park you did the reno at in Albuquerque?

  4. Victoria Lawrence
    Victoria Lawrence says:

    oh my gosh!! Yes!! This is it!! The interiors of american RVs are just so bad. I can't take the bulky, unintuitive waste of space and all around unattractiveness. Who likes three mile long dark brown vinyl couches? I can not, however, bring myself to gut a new one. We are looking for a mint, covered rig around 10 years old. Back when they were even uglier. 🙂 Thank you so much for sharing your story and renovation. It's stunning!

  5. Breana Wallace
    Breana Wallace says:

    I'd love to know what you did for the backsplash tile in the kitchen. Is it the stick and peel or did you put in real tile here? We're looking for a similar look when we remodel ours as well! – Thanks in advance

  6. Sloan the Beast
    Sloan the Beast says:

    I love how the first house was super white and cozy and the new one is also bright but so much more colorful and eclectic. It really shows the way you guys have grown as people! Such a great transformation!

  7. grace day
    grace day says:

    I wish that trailer and RV manufacturers would agree to sell the base unit without cabinets, carpets, linoleum, etc. and the buyers could finish how they want. It would be less expensive for the buyer and less garbage to the landfills.

    Great job, you two!

  8. Jo S.
    Jo S. says:

    We just painted our kitchen including cabinets and walls plus the adjacent living area in our 2015 Solaire. My husband is in construction, and we've lived in a vintage home since 1989, so we're skilled at renovating. It's hard to find reliable 'how to' information on replacing floors, especially with slides. I completely agree that new trailers are dark and generic, but I'm concerned that the changes you've made may invalidate warranties. Since you're full-timers, the potential adverse affect on resale probably isn't an issue. I suspect there's a market for new rigs that are 'shell and utilities only.'


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