RV Propane. What You Need To Know!


Next in our RV need to know Newbie Series is the topic of propane! Propane is a vital part of using your RV and it’s our hope to help you use it with a few tips for keeping you and your RV safe.

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45 replies
  1. campingjack75
    campingjack75 says:

    when you were having appliance issues and changed your regulator what symptoms did you have? I am thinking I need a new regulator. My furnace keeps cutting out and my fridge has difficulty lighting and when it does I really hear the gas flame and it wasn't shutting down once lit.

  2. Vanlife Ryan
    Vanlife Ryan says:

    Seen a 5th wheel on fire on the road the other day and we got out to help with extinguishers and it didn’t help because the propane was on also I suspect that’s what cause the fire it was behind the fridge way better to just shut it off and turn it back on when you get to your destination if you want it cold cool it two days before and put cold food in their or look into fridge fans. Also if you go thru any tunnels your supposed to have the propane off

  3. TJ Shine
    TJ Shine says:

    Another point about turning your gas of for the road trip – You should not be filling your vehicle gas tanks up at a gas station if your Pilot light or Fridge is turned on. Gas fumes are everywhere around the pumps and could easily lite up if your fridge suddenly kicked in.

  4. wims58ej
    wims58ej says:

    My dometic fridge will run off the 1000 watt inverter in my camper while traveling . It [ the fridge ] uses 650 watts when the element is on , but it is not running the entire time while traveling . I would rather fire up the generator and recharge the batteries than have my food get warm . Also my truck charges some while going down the road and I have a 100 watt rooftop solar panel so it does not run the batteries down .

  5. Tucker Latham
    Tucker Latham says:

    "RV Propane"

    I wasn't aware that there existed a special kind of propane for use in RVs. I thought propane was a chemical compound. Please tell me more about the difference between "propane" and "RV Propane." I am afraid that I will fill my RV with the wrong stuff.

    Edit: and, now that I've thought about it, that my negligence (or fruitless, yet desperate, search for answers from professionals) will result in the immolation of organisms of importance to me, such as myself.

  6. Douglas Roberts
    Douglas Roberts says:

    In NY we can have our tanks recertified but it costs about $20 and the recertification is only good for one year. We keep our eyes peeled for Camping World sales and get our 30 pounders there.

  7. Harry Churchill
    Harry Churchill says:

    Never ever add a screen to propane heater vent. In my 35 years in the propane I have seen people die as a result. Appliances are made to work just as they were manufactured and should not be altered in any way.

  8. Chase Panter
    Chase Panter says:

    I just died at the Dr Seuss comment also wanted to add that I have just moved into my camper full time after just purchasing it and have been watching alot of your videos and you have an excellent way of explaining things in a very precise and concise manner. Thank you for all the info you provide it has proven useful on a multitude of occasions in just the past few weeks that I have been in my camper. I give you five stars for sure

  9. Dantastic
    Dantastic says:

    Engine doesn't work my Class C, gotta fix it. til then i can't use the air or the fridge or anything else. God I hate it. I wish Plugging in wouldlet me access these things </3

  10. Shaun ONeil
    Shaun ONeil says:

    I am new to rving. I own a 2018 prime time Crusader 5th wheel. I am going on a trip and have a concern about leaving my propane on while traveling. But it runs my fridge. Is it safe to travel with them on??

  11. Phi-Net
    Phi-Net says:

    How often do you go through a single tank? I'm thinking I might have a leak as I'm going through one 7lb tank a week with no pilots and very little cooking.

  12. Art Vanden Berg
    Art Vanden Berg says:

    There is no controversy on the propane on while travelling question. You must turn it off before approaching a gas station because the fridge has an open flame and could ignite gasoline vapors. On the road the 60 mph winds strip the flame of most of it's heat so it isn't very effective anyway.

    Pro tip: Keep the freezer door stocked with frozen bottled water. If you are going to be driving for a long time, drop 2 or 3 of them down to the fridge before departing. Also keep any spare space in the fridge stocked with beverages (juice, pop, beer even). If it's all cooled down before departure it will help keep the fridge cool for a long time. The key is that it must be cooled down and the water bottles frozen first or it will work the other way around. What we do is plug in a few days before departure and freeze the water bottles and cool all the beverages before even loading the fridge with food. After that it is just a matter of maintaining things with the propane. We find that we can even take a frozen water bottle or 2 out every couple of days to keep a cooler cool and replace with new water bottles and the propane will freeze them in a day or so.

    So there really isn't a reason to travel with the propane on and approaching a gas station with it on is illegal.

  13. Chris Folstrom
    Chris Folstrom says:

    Might want to consider carrying parts for the gas also think if your going to be in the freezing cold to change out the rubber lines to metal won't snap in half when swapping out tanks

  14. Darryl T
    Darryl T says:

    About the refrigerator gas on or off!!! If you have a inverter with solar and you make sure the inverter is on and the refer is turned on to auto it can run on the A/C current and the panels will keep the batteries charged or at night your truck will charger you batteries.

  15. snackman
    snackman says:

    A little tip I came across which helps you from the oven burning your food. Buy two (or four but two worked great for me) 6" unglazed ceramic or quarry tiles and put them centered on the bottom metal shelf which is directly over the burner flame tube. This will shield and dissipate the heat much more evenly kind of similar to what a pizza stone does. However during transport I remove them and keep them stored wrapped in a small towel for protection.

  16. kathleen korn
    kathleen korn says:

    thank you for the helpful video for us newbies…So when you run the propane for refrigerator and stove you don't need electric for either? should I run my generator when they are in use?

  17. Adelino Jr
    Adelino Jr says:

    I'm surprised that your carbon monoxide sensor is so high up, it is also a heavy gas and it consumes the room from the ground up.

    The gas company advised my family that the carbon monoxide sensor should be no higher than waist level better at knee level.

    Believe me my family learned the hard way my brother passed away and my parents rental home because he had a carbon monoxide leak.

  18. Matt Townsend
    Matt Townsend says:

    Great tip about the turning off the propane while traveling. We always left it on to keep the fridge running, because assumed it would warm back up in a few hours if not. Next trip I will turn it off and see how it does. Thanks!

  19. Glen Strecker Louisiana
    Glen Strecker Louisiana says:

    You might want to do a segment on checking on line for recalls on your rigs, especially when it comes to the absorption style Dometic and Norcold refrigerators. The older refrigerators were developing corrosion related pinhole leaks that would release the refrigerant. An ammonia smell from the refrigerator means it is leaking and is not safe. The failure mode on the older units is that they catch on fire in the rear of the refrigerator and can quickly destroy the RV. I was a fire investigator by trade and have seen numerous RVs of all makes and types burned by these refrigerator failures. The newer units and those with the recall fix have a sensor to shut the unit off if it loses refrigerant and begins to overheat. You need to get the refrigerator make, model and serial number and compare it to the recall lists on the manufacturer’s website or on Safercar.gov, run by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Many folks buy RVs second hand and as a result do not receive a recall notice. They find out when the rig goes up in flames. Please help get the word out.


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