RV People Vs. Cops: 6 Simple Rules


RV People Vs. Cops: 6 Simple Rules. And yes, some of them are very obvious but it seems that a few people don’t understand the fundamentals of avoiding police involvement when traveling in their recreational vehicle for some reason.

Remain calm, don’t act stupid and have all your documents and ducks in an order and things will go smoothly and you will be on your way fast. Ignore my advice and you are free to post bail and spend all you money getting your RV out of impound. It’s all up to you.

Keep your wheels on the ground as you RV through America this summer.

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  1. Chris Duhaime
    Chris Duhaime says:

    Most importantly have everything right . I have hered most of the reasons why you were being investigated . Light flickering . Dirty tag plate . Improper lane change . Wondering. Impaired. Lane change over Railway crossing note double lane road. Ya it's on the books . Most interstates highways you be ok it's some of the chicken shit towns that run a predatory scam operation . It doesn't matter your getting screwed. It's how they generate revenue.

  2. Inkdraft
    Inkdraft says:

    My first rule for being pulled over if I'm in my home state or halfway across the country and whether I'm drive my car, a commercial vehicle, or a motorcycle: I put both hands on the top of the steering wheel (or the handlebars as the case may be) and wait for the cop to ask for license and registration. Then I tell him it's in the glove box and then I get it. I've been held at gun point at 1 in the morning by a spooked cop who said my vehicle looked like a car that was reported stolen. Ah, ok, thanks rookie. Another time I had a female cop come up my driver side to my window with her hand on her gun. I had a rental SUV with out of state plates and it had tinted windows. I was going through a dead little backwater town in the back ass of nowhere. I had 4 special needs kids in the vehicle and she scared the daylights out of them when she started yelling at me for not stopping faster. I thought it was a good idea to get off the road. Apparently she didn't.  Later some  people who lived in that town told me she was a nut job. But that didn't help the traumatized kids.

  3. The Dudester
    The Dudester says:

    I have an app on my phone that works like a dash cam with audio. It's always on when I'm in the truck. I wish I had this option when I was younger and pulled over by crazy cops. I am not a cop hater whatsoever. But I do want to protect myself as much as possible. Of course, this won't do you any good if you are the douche breaking the law.

  4. jawhitaker09
    jawhitaker09 says:

    My problem is this. I have a human right to transport myself and my belongings without being harassed or fined. I shouldn't have to pay an extortion fee to drive a car. Free country. Free.

  5. Steven Henson
    Steven Henson says:

    If I got pulled over and I had loud music I would promptly turn it down or off as respect towards the man that I'm lady I'm going to be talking to I don't really get pulled over I'll say it like that but if I did I would act accordingly so that goes along with the RV there is no RV pullovers I would have to be breaking the law speeding or not turning the blinker on not having headlights on are not having registration or could be a number of things but I'll make sure everything's up to par so that I don't get pulled over I don't want to be pulled over I don't care to talk to police officers so I make it so I don't have too many many times they get behind me and they're running my plate and all that because they stay behind me for quite a while but then as time goes by then they leave cuz there's nothing to pull me over for so that would be pretty much all it has to be done with this video is this don't be pulled over have respect for other human beings turn the damn music off turn it low you know maybe you know that's an idea so you can hear what he or she has to say to you all this stuff can be corrected all this stuff you're really talking about is all this man there could be better videos about other things in this I don't know whatever it's waste


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