9 MYTHS of BOONDOCKING. RV living is great, but boondocking is awesome! Today we talk about the major myths of boondocking.

If boondocking sounds fun, here are our 10 favorite boondocking sites: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SNeltaa451s&t

We’re Kyle & Olivia, a young couple traveling the country full time in our 16ft vintage camper. We hit the road in September of 2015 with the goal to live a minimal lifestyle and connect with the world around us. We want to share our experiences as we learn and grow, to hopefully help others who dream of life out on the open road. Join us as we discover the joys and obstacles of nomadic life!

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32 replies
  1. Wherefore Art Thou
    Wherefore Art Thou says:

    Thanks for the fun video! Bust those myths! 🙂 I feel like many of those myths come from people who haven't spent much time outdoors. Experience changes one's point of view. I love to backpack and do solo backpacking on occasion. When I tell people about it, I often get "Don't you worry about being attacked?", "What about serial killers?!" or "What if something happens?". People act like I'm crazy for walking 5-10 miles into well traveled forest, camping for a few nights, the walking back out. It's really not crazy at all.

    Like any experienced backpacker, I take precautions. I tell people where I'll be, when to check in, stick to established trails, stay aware of my surroundings and don't keep my food near my tent. I feel many of the same principles could be used for boondocking. Don't go out there half-assed, or do anything stupid, and everything be fine. It'll be a wonderful adventure! Thanks again and hope you two have happy travels!

  2. Erin Gan
    Erin Gan says:

    I'm a single woman who plans on buying a small camper within the year. I want to boondock most of the time. I was planning on following the seasons by traveling north during the summer and south in the winter so that I don't have to worry about air conditioning or heat by following the mild weather. I kind of want to go off the grid as much as possible. I'm also not concerned about internet. Thank you for the video. It kind of feels like I'm all alone in the boondocking thing and people look at me like I'm crazy when they find out I want a composting toilet and solar panels. I want to read and collect fossils and swim, not watch movies or surf the internet.

  3. Nick
    Nick says:

    Used to go boondocking in Socal a lot, it was not far from civilization. Woke up one morning to find my chairs and small generator had been stolen, (generator had a chain and padlock through it) chain and padlock were still there, lesson learned.

  4. DMcNeil
    DMcNeil says:

    The government is pissed off at you two cause you ain't slaving away to pay the damn property taxes. Those baby boom pensions people need their 8 grand a month promised . Brand new cars in the handicap spots might be a thing of the past. So get back to town and sign up once again. Hehe !

  5. Karen R
    Karen R says:

    Surprise! I live just outside of Sedona And for the next two years they are stopping all boon docking .
    In are national forests. For one I know on 260 just outside cottonwood a big new RV park is going in. They are using the excuse that boon dockers are dirty. I call bull they are just trying to FORCE people into all the new camp grounds.

  6. He And She RV
    He And She RV says:

    We've almost always stayed at campgrounds with hookups. Now that our new Basecamp has solar, I want to get out of our comfort zone a little. Maybe try some boondocking. Thanks for the video.

  7. The Glamping Guys
    The Glamping Guys says:

    OMG! Just watched your interview on Getaway Couple's channel. So fun to watch. I couldn't stop laughing. Yes, we've been really bad on commenting, so thanks for calling us out. hehehe. We've been so busy, and are really enjoying Instagram (more like addicted) as of late, that we've fallen behind on a lot of Youtube watching. We promise to make up for it. LOL! Really enjoyed your interview and thank you so much for answering our questions. Loved all the answers especially the Spirit Animals. I'm a big Tom Cruise fan as well. Been watching him since Risky Business.
    So this was a really fun video. Great tips and points. We hope to try our hands at some boondocking down the road. Like Jason & Rae, we also have a Grand Design RV and they actually helped us in our decision on our GD purchase this past April 2018. (another reason we've fallen behind on commenting) Really nice couple and so helpful. Glad to see with your help that they got to try boondocking for the first time. Ok, gotta go now, because I have to catch up on your videos. LOL!
    Have a great day!

  8. The Wandering Pinto
    The Wandering Pinto says:

    Nice video! So far we have not seen the need for a generator. We haven't boondocked much yet, except a couple of times at Walmart. We usually stay at state parks with no hookups. Our battery will easily last a week. The only thing thing that draws power is the propane dector, charging cell phones, fantastic fan, and lights (which we switched to LED's). We cook with a camp stove outside, or with the stove inside. The refrigerator works on propane, no electricity required.

  9. Booths Wattha
    Booths Wattha says:

    Looks like you guys really got it together.
    Good job I was thinking of doing it but I was worried about everything you described. Thanks a lot I will try it this year with my wife and maybe grandkids.

  10. Estee Hammer
    Estee Hammer says:

    Thanks. We just bought our generator and getting ready to hit the road. We've been more stationary full-time RV for 2 years while I camp hosted and my son finished school. Whole new world coming to us.

  11. Our Nomadic Story
    Our Nomadic Story says:

    When we started looking at living full time, we thought it would all be full or partial hookups. During our first six months we learned the freedom of dry camping with 15 nights without hookups. So much stress has been removed when tracing because we can stop and boondock/lot dock if needed and not worry about an RV park. You guys helped us build the knowledge to try. We love having the option.

  12. Gerald Koth
    Gerald Koth says:

    Great video. I do not boondock but do travel full time. I have all the capability. One thing that RV parkers need to consider is that power can go out anywhere. I have Honda Generators and have had to use them for as long as three to four days at a time. I have a six gallon boat tank with hoses hooked to each generator. Makes it easier to keep them running full time. The water can go out too. So I always have water in my on board tank. Some parks do not have sewer hookups, so I have the portable dump tank. I guess you could say my "boondocking" is forced from time to time.

  13. KFStreich
    KFStreich says:

    I wanted to avoid solar on the outside so a couple of big golf cart batteries under the hood and an inverter, if I'm in the same place for a few days just plug into the generator for a couple hours, an efficient 55amp charger should keep the Honda 2000 at low idle for quiet and low fuel consumption.


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