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  1. Desert Diva
    Desert Diva says:

    There must be a secret to YouTube (there is it's called the "algorithm"). I been on for almost two years and feel "invisible." My reason for starting a channel was never to make money – it was to not feel alone and have some "cyber friends."

    It's really discouraging to me at times to see the "hatred" and the mean spirited things that people say to one another. The best thing that has happened to me is I found a small live stream devotion group that I try to attend each morning.

    I'm going through some issues now with a "long time in coming" medical diagnosis. However, the next time you have a live chat I'll try to sign on…
    Cheryl in NM

  2. Debs Oregon
    Debs Oregon says:

    Boy do i get what your saying…I made a pact with myself that I would not post any political posts on my FB. Then I had a moment of weakness a couple of days ago and shared a well written post from a Rabbi. It wasn’t putting Trump in a good light…and I really appreciated what he said. WELL omg…ya think I wrote something really bad…because I had so many challenging comments…I got extreme anxiety about that post. I deleted the post and said to myself…never again. I just like positivity on my postings!
    Pretty necklace too Deb!!

  3. daisy
    daisy says:

    Hopefully the chickens are earning their keep and laying some eggs for you, if not I'm sure they will be soon. Have a great week and a nice holiday weekend.

  4. Rosie Baxter
    Rosie Baxter says:

    Please if possible start uploading in HD. I'm sure your camera on your phone can record in HD (maybe you are downgrading it when editing or uploading). Sorry but your videos are great but very pixelated and sometimes have almost a foggy look to them. As for Facebook I stay off that site (too much drama) and yes I think you are correct you are the perfect person. Glad your weather is somewhat cooling down.

  5. Jean on the Road
    Jean on the Road says:

    The only perfect person n the world is me. I just tolerate everyone else. If you want to see some real battles, go to the gardening pages. Usually get are pretty. But every once in a while, it is pistols-at-dawn over organic vs chemical, or orchid potting mixes.

  6. Faye Calder
    Faye Calder says:

    There you there!
    Nice get together Deb.
    I love to grill.
    Beautiful Texas skies.
    Glad you got a cool front !
    I try to not talk politics as religious believes. So I love everyone and Im very open minded too.
    I’m just down to earth.
    Beautiful necklace!
    Your work is so beautiful!
    Hugs and Love you my friend.

  7. Southern Hippie
    Southern Hippie says:

    At my age I tend to speak my mind no matter where I am in real life and online, (Who am I kidding I have always been outspoken.) Sure a few people unfriended me but I also made new friends that have stuck around. I just found that life is too short to walk on eggshells because someone might try to troll me. I always say that is why they invented the unfriend and block buttons,

  8. Plain Vanilla Grandma
    Plain Vanilla Grandma says:

    LOL..you have made me hungry… I don't know which I want more…Tacos or a good homemade hamburger! We had one day this week that was in the 80's and it was so nice. Back up in the high 90's today. That necklace is beautiful! Religion & Politics… wouldn't touch either topic with a 10 foot pole. I did once and boy was it a mistake.

  9. twin sparrow
    twin sparrow says:

    I think winter in IL will come early this year. Its been in high 70s this week. Did you do any more paintings? Can you do a white-tail deer? Or a bald eagle? Either one among tall, green pine trees? I'll email you. 😀 I don't even have Facebook; I haven't been interested in having it.


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