RV Buying Tips: What to Look For When You're Buying An RV


RV shopping can be overwhelming! It’s easy to get caught up in the floorplan, color scheme, and overall looks. But here are a few important points you might want to consider before you buy. For more information on this topic, visit https://rvtexasyall.com/rv-tips/buying-an-rv.html.

Want more RV Buying Tips? We’ve published a part II to this video:
RV Buying Tips, Part II: More Things to Think About When You’re Buying an RV https://youtu.be/143d4Tbg9H4

We (Tom & Stacie) are Native Texans who are all about exploring the Lone Star State in our weekend home on wheels. We’re always looking for fun and interesting places to visit. We’d love to hear your suggestions what to look for when buying an RV. Please leave a comment below!

This Video is Part of Our RV Tips Series: https://youtu.be/jZmt6Sfps9k?list=PL3vGBOkcBm2WoRPaExM0UiYtWoPidDtTU

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30 replies
  1. The Ewings
    The Ewings says:

    Good video – Question: Why did you land on a Class A? We have a lot of choices to suit our needs (too many in fact), and whenever I look at a Class A it looks like a huge money pit to me. That anything that breaks down will cost an arm and a leg to service; and even the routine maintenance? Is it? It's intriguing, but screams maintenance at me. For us, just my wife and a Harley we want to bring along, so we can do just about anything, such as:
    1 – Class A with a bike trailer,
    2 – Class C with a bike trailer,
    3 – 5th Wheel Toy Hauler,
    4 – Tow Trailer with Harley in Truck Bed with hoist pulley track,
    5 – Tow Trailer Toy Hauler.
    We've been looking mostly at options 2 through 5 for a long time, and finding things that suit just the two of us and a bike is really, really difficult. We want to be sub 30-35 feet for just two of us, and due to just odd design decisions by manufacturers (like they think Toy Hauler means tiny fridges and boys locker room decor is what all customers want, or that non-toy hauler towables' customers don't want generators, or that people don't want two windows in kitchen or bedroom areas for cross ventilation… etc. etc.)
    But Class A again, while intriguing, just looks amazingly costly to maintain? Is it?

  2. Ira Pickard
    Ira Pickard says:

    We have s fifth wheel and are looking at upgrading. Thanks for the tips. You mentioned a lot of things to look out for, for me it wash the dual heating water heater. I honestly didn’t know they would outfit one with a single way to heat up the water.

  3. Kay Annchar
    Kay Annchar says:

    Do ya’ll have a video on what financing is like? From what I’ve seen/read so far (newbie here lol) there’s a 30% mark up in many (for dealer sales and profits) and they depreciate really quickly (worse than a car) 25% in the first year or 2…yes I know financing years are longer (depending on the year of vehicle) from 10-20 years but how about an ‘avoid the pitfalls’ of a profit driven sales rep??

  4. Robin Moore
    Robin Moore says:

    What a great video guys, there is so much to check and look out for…Look at your front steps, make sure they are solid and not spungy or bouncy.. also make sure your outside awning doesnt stop at your front door or you will have a water fall if it rains, they act as gutters…Most time the dealer will not explain to you that the big refregerater that is so beautiful and big and just like your house only runs off elect..make sure your refrigerator runs off propane and elect…safe and fun travels to all🤗

  5. Michael Felfe
    Michael Felfe says:

    Are there RV inspections required by the dealerships, that tack on to the price of the unit? They might say after you signed. Oh by the way there is an inspection fee of xxxx$. And they might not even inspect it.

  6. Frank T
    Frank T says:

    Stupid question: Are there "rent and expert" services that can be hired to go with you when purchasing an RV (especially a used unit)? This is an overwhelming process and having someone like a "buyer's agent" would be helpful and well worth a few hundred dollars.

  7. Gerard Trigo
    Gerard Trigo says:

    Excellent Info. We bought a Jeep Cherokee with tow package and decided to get a small trailer to evacuate from Hurricanes in. We ended up Getting a small trailer weighing 3100 lbs empty with the GVWR equal to the tow capacity of the Jeep, which we end up using more than we thought we would. I will not name the brand and model as I do not want to maybe influence someone else and have them end up with a lemon. No problems towing and handling. We live in South Louisiana and the trailer is small enough that the 13500 works well, keeping the temps 30 degrees lower than outside, but as you noted, the NOISE. The shower is adequate sized. I am 5' 10 and fit in quite well and I am skinny. My wife is under 5' and also has no problems. We do have a quick disconnect accessed through a little door on the side, which is a lot better to many that have one under the unit, and exposed to dirt and road hazards. Has a ladder and I think that should be a requirement for any RV.

  8. Gail Carter
    Gail Carter says:

    Thanks for your very informative video! My husband and I have had a 26' travel trailer for the past 4 years and have outgrown it. We are considering a Class A motor home but not sure where to even start. You don't know what you don't know until you get to see these videos. We do agree that we shouldn't be in a hurry. We actually bought one while on vacation in Florida but they couldn't get it fixed, so we never drove it off the lot. I'm just so glad that deal fell through because we have way too much to learn before we make that kind of purchase.


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