RV Business booming amid COVID-19

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RENO, Nev. (KOLO) – With the world in a cautious state due to the Coronavirus pandemic, RV dealerships across America are reporting record success.

a sign on a window: The RV industry has seen tremendous success and interest during the Coronavirus pandemic.

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The RV industry has seen tremendous success and interest during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Western Skies in South Reno tells KOLO8 June was their best month ever, and by a wide margin.

“It was more business than we could handle at first,” said Bill Burko, owner of Western Skies. “It was unlike anything I’ve seen in the RV business in 35 years.”

“People were just flocking to the RV dealership.”

Burko, who started selling RVs in 1983, says the closest time to compare would be during the aftermath of September 11th, when many avoiding flying.

“This is, in some ways, more than even that was,” said Burko of the COVID-related spike in business, 19-years later. “This is pretty much worldwide.”

Burko has also seen the evolution of his clientele – from retirees, to small families, to thrill-seekers and camping enthusiasts.

“We’re getting a lot of first time people who’ve never RV’d,” said Burko. “I’d say that’s the biggest increase.”

While the Coronavirus did slow down production, it did the opposite to sales and rentals. Burko says Western Skies’ lot is less than half-full. And while it’s the pandemic which may have pushed wavering purchasers over the edge, Burko sees the RV industry continuing to trend upward.

“Whatever you’re already doing, an RV makes it easier and better,” said Burko. “I think once people realize how convenient it is to take your home, your kitchen and your restroom with you.”

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