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Before we left on this trip, we decided to experiment more with boondocking. Boondocking is RV camping without hook-ups… no external electrical, water or sewer connections. In the past month, we’ve boondocked for 13 nights. In fact, we’ve just spent the last 11 days straight dry camping! And we’re not done yet! We still have at least 2 more National Park campgrounds to go on this trip.

In this episode of Wingin’ It!, we share what we’ve learned about boondocking (also called dry camping), why we’ve chosen to do it, and how it’s worked out so far.

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We (Tom & Stacie) are Native Texans who are all about exploring the Lone Star State in our home on wheels. We’re always looking for fun and interesting places to visit. We’d love to hear your suggestions on fun and interesting places to visit. Please leave a comment below!

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Safe Travels and Happy Camping!

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26 replies
  1. RV Texas Y'all
    RV Texas Y'all says:

    Hey y'all! We hope you enjoyed this episode of Wingin' It! We look forward to reading all of your comments. Thanks for your patience as we find tiny bits of connectivity in Grand Tetons National Park.. We'll respond as quickly as we can. 🙂

  2. Lu's Traveller
    Lu's Traveller says:

    I love freshly ground coffee and found a hand grinder on Amazon. It's not as easy as my electric one at home, but it does a great job. It's by JavaPresse and is $24. It's nice and small and I think it does a great job! Enjoy and safe travels!

  3. ZeebNinja
    ZeebNinja says:

    Great tips.. my wife and I boondock when traveling..sometimes up to 5 days. I still need to get her to use less water..flushing and doing the dishes 🙂 I think we get many more days out of the tanks if we could conserve more each time we use water

  4. jong lee
    jong lee says:

    Solar is a must for boondocking. I have total of 845watts on the roof using victron mppt charge controller. When I use my 700watt microwave battery voltage stays same. But my 1200watt coffee maker does drop the voltage slowly, but still good to use to make coffee. I also use built in 7500watt generator about 30min to top off the battery before going to bed at night.
    Great video!!

  5. Scott Falkner
    Scott Falkner says:

    I never try to boondock (that's the whole point?) where I'm in earshot of others since I run a $450 Harbor freight inverter generator which is under 59 decibles a large part of the day and night. I can buy 20 of these for what a solar installation and large battery bank/ inverter would cost. Fortunately I know places to camp where the nearest camper is 1/8 mile away. Technology is moving towards lithium cells equivalent to the auto style large storage units which will be a game changer when available. I usually drain grey water when full at remote forest locations and a lot of dump stations in NM state parks have asked me why I didn't drain them before i showed up at the dump site since it was unnecessary resources they had to store and process. Also you can add more water using the 6 gallon portable cans and extend your stay. I usually take 24 gallons with me every time we go to our mountain or blm camping sites.

  6. Michael M
    Michael M says:

    Another great video… "We were probably GLOWIN' in the dark!" ROFL! Glad to see you three dry camping. I can't wait to get the rig outfitted with great solar and lithium batteries. Safe travels, y'all!

  7. Ty Hedman
    Ty Hedman says:

    Tom, I was just curious if you ever heard of a blue boy? When you're dry camping like that you can use it to drain your black and gray tank and then pull it with your jeep up to a dump station it has wheels on it and a long handle where you can hook it on the back bumper. To store it you can strap it on your ladder. Just saying, food for thought.

  8. Jenny Cornely
    Jenny Cornely says:

    Miss you guys a little but miss star a lot. Just kidding. Chuck broke his arm the night before another camping trip so we are on hold. He doesn't miss a video and we look forward to seeing you again. Lyndie & Chuck! Omaha.

  9. Roy Davis
    Roy Davis says:

    I've been camping since I was 5, over 60 yrs, and we rarely had power back then. We use to dump the grey water on the ground. It's still permitted in some areas. It would take a lot to fill a black tank, especially if there are restrooms available. I have a 50 gal water bladder I can take and refill and a "Blue-boy" for dumping the grey. We don't have solar but do have 16 batteries.

  10. Danny Fyffe
    Danny Fyffe says:

    Hey guys, I am still catching up. We just got back from our 2 months and 9 day trip to Alaska just 2 weeks ago. We were out approximately 70 nights and out of those, we had to boondock at least 50+ of those nights. I have a built-in inverter in my FJ so while I was driving I could charge a laptop, quadcopter batteries and phones, watches, GoPro batteries, etc. So I know a little about boondocking and trying to keep everything running. Good to see you enjoying yourselves.

  11. Douglas Tong
    Douglas Tong says:

    Thanks for sharing your experiences. I am very interested in getting a Class A and boondocking more but was worried about the same things. Looking forward to hearing more about your boondocking experiences. Safe travels, y'all!

  12. nautiquecowboy nautiquecowboy
    nautiquecowboy nautiquecowboy says:

    I have a class A myself but we don't get to use it as much as I would like. So I watch a lot of camping channels to see when I get to use it I'll know the best places to go. Out of all I watch I believe y'all are just about the nicest people on the internet.


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