RV Batteries What You Need To Know.


Today we look at RV batteries and compare them across the 4 main types. 12 volt deep cycle, Golf cart batteries, AGM batteries, and Lithium Batteries. Find out which battery is best for you and your RV. If you’re looking for new batteries for your RV here are a few links.

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22 replies
  1. David Kromm
    David Kromm says:

    I have a question that I thought I knew the answer to, but am second guessing myself. If you have a bank of 4 batteries in parallel, does it matter where you connect in that bank. I noticed in the example, you connected + to the first and – to the last.

  2. Just Traveling
    Just Traveling says:

    The Battle Horn battery is $1,440 each. An Interstate wet acid, deep cycle group 27 is $80. I have had good luck with the Interstate battery. Life? You can replace the battery 18 times at those prices. My batteries last about 5 years, which is 90 years replacing it 18 times. Lithium batteries are great, but do not begin to pencil out using my pencil.

  3. Nat S.
    Nat S. says:

    Thanks much for the very informative video. I was very encouraged to move to LiFePO4 batteries until I looked up that Battle Born LiFePO4 won't allow charging below 25F (not sure about discharging). We sometimes travel to cold climate and having to leave the vehicle out at 12F for 10-12 hours. I'd like to know what the BMS would limit for cold temperature discharging. AGM can still work at temp range -4F to 120F (developed for military ops). I'll have to think this through.

  4. Bill Harris
    Bill Harris says:

    Jared-awesome review on batteries. You mention 120 for 235ah golf cart battery where would i found these also would i need to change out the charge controller I have my original Charge controller?

  5. Resq Av8r
    Resq Av8r says:

    My RV takes 6 batteries … 2x 850CCA car batteries for the 15kw diesel generator and 4x giant truck batteries in parallel for the main diesel engine. Last year (feb18) I installed all new batteries (not sure if these interstate batteries were really new because after charging they only held 12.8v) .. The truck & the generator each have their own 200watt 30amp solar panel to act as battery tenders. I had all optima AGM yellow top and they died real fast, red tops also did no last so I ended up getting all new from Interstates. They all had 11/17 or 12/17 stickers when I got them in Jan18; I put all of them on my smart charger and topped them off (12.8v was all they would take). They died in a year … 3 are down to 1volt and one shows 10volt. I have no idea what to do now .. I will desulfate them on my charger and try .. should I put new acid in?

  6. Dennis Zerlan
    Dennis Zerlan says:

    Very good, straight forward explanation. Only emphasis I would add is the percentage of discharge. You mentioned 50% as maximum discharge. To the uninitiated, for a 12v battery, that would seemingly and intuitively be a discharge to 6. However, a 50% discharge of a 12v battery is in the range of about 12.1 on your voltage meter. Regardless, enjoyed the video and your clear explanations!

  7. Fozzy
    Fozzy says:

    I have worked with Lithium before and i was told by the manufacture that that once you drain it to under 11v it will start destroying the battery. how have they got around this?


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