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– Revolt RV 400 price in India is Rs 3,999 per month, for 37 months
– RV 400 top speed is limited to 85kmph
– Revolt RV 300 price in India is Rs 2,999 per month, for 37 months
– Revolt RV 400 exhaust sound feature only available on the premium model

Revolt Motors has launched two electric motorcycles in India, the RV 400 and RV 300. The RV 400 is powered by a 3.0kW motor connected to a 3.24kWh battery pack. The RV 400 features three riding modes – Eco, Normal and Sport, and the maximum ARAI certified range is 156km. To make things easier, the RV 400’s battery can be easily removed and swapped out at upcoming Revolt battery swap stations. Revolt has also launched a smartphone companion app for the RV400 which allows you to find the nearest battery swap stations, geo-fence the bike, start or stop it, and even change the “exhaust note” it can play from its on-board sound generator.

The really interesting aspect about the RV 400 is the MRP, or the My Revolt Plan. This is a unique pricing plan that allows potential buyers to walk into a Revolt showroom, show their Aadhar card, and ride away on an RV 400 for a sum of Rs 3,999 per month, for 37 months. The best part here is that this isn’t a lease or loan plan, so the bike is registered on your name from day one. But does this make the Revolt RV 400 expensive? We think not, as we compare the RV 400’s eventual pricing to that of the most popular 125cc motorcycle in India, the Honda Shine SP.

Revolt RV 400 (Electric Bike) Test Ride Review | India Price, Top Speed, Performance, Sound & More:

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34 replies
  1. Sheershparn Sharma
    Sheershparn Sharma says:

    Recharge cost is inaccurate.. You have missed the duration of time in hours for which the bike need to be charged..for a 0-100% charge the battery requires approx 4.5 hrs.. So the correct calculation must include this time. ie 208 cycles×(3.24×4.5×7) =₹ 21228

  2. Y B
    Y B says:

    My another question. Is
    If company can shut down the bike for non payment, than it can shut down anytime in future also.
    Company may change its policy, saying, this byke is now say 10 yrs old you can't run or so,
    Company may create a rule to shut down.
    May be in future.
    Is there any assurance that company won't do such thing in future.

    Because when greed comes, company won't see anything else.

    So we will be under control of the company.

  3. KamaSutra King
    KamaSutra King says:

    good marketing tactic BUT the only thing that is stopping me from buying is the constant rumors that this is a chinese bike and not A PURELY MADE INDIAN BIKE. that is the only deal breaker for me, not the price.

  4. Grinzzo
    Grinzzo says:

    Shine onroad 86k+45kpetrol=1.31L ( 3years)
    Revolt 1.47L+4.7k elec = 1.52L (3years)after 4th year maintenance cost will add for revolt too..doesnt sound like a better deal..and not everyone will ride eco mode so the elec bill increases too..if revolt made a bike matching R15 performance with the same cost then itll be a better deal

  5. Dr Nitin sharma
    Dr Nitin sharma says:

    At 3.45 minutes running cost it will take (4.5 hr to fully charge and 3.24 unit per hr @ 7 RS per unit) =3.24×7×4.5=102 ₹ per full charge
    For 32400 km it will be 21126 ₹ approximately only when you run it only in eco mode, and battery will every time give performance as specified by the company

  6. Rahul bhati
    Rahul bhati says:

    You forgot to mention 3 mode which is very important for calculation,
    Mode 1 speed is limited to 45 and range is 156
    Mode 2 speed limited to 65 and range to 110
    Mode 3 speed limited to 85 and range 90,
    These are provided by company their wili be some ups and downs, so your calculation must be based on these modes just as on other hand their are no such modes, I guess you are an influencer so use this status wisly.😊


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