Review Update – Voltex 50 RV Cell Booster System by American Booster

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Performance review update to the earlier American Booster Voltex 50 cell booster system installation and demo video –

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27 replies
  1. Robert Thomas
    Robert Thomas says:

    As you probably know, most places in Arizona seem to have good coverage, but I still find places every summer here that my booster comes in handy, especially in northern Arizona. Summer before last I went to Colorado and it would have been much more rare for me to get coverage if not for my booster. Just depends on where you travel. So I don't exactly agree with your view of its usefulness.

  2. NonRev
    NonRev says:

    Thanks Ray for another Honest Review. That’s one thing I never thought of when you said they want it back. Is that normal. Guess I was assuming when they sent out , generators , that for doing the reviews and all the business that it could drive that you got to keep. I do remember E-Bike was letting some youtubers try out but they definitely wanted them back. Ha. Hope the trip is with out any problems. Anne still having fun with the drone. Have fun….Best to you both….

  3. joel1239871
    joel1239871 says:

    You probably just saved me $500 bucks. I've noticed that our cell signal is weak along the Washington coast (and sometimes nonexistent), but I don't think a booster would help. There's just no tower anywhere near those spots, plus we're at sea level. Anyhow, thanks Ray!

  4. Powder River
    Powder River says:

    Yes cell conductivity has improved over the years as you say there is still niche areas, but I’ve never been able to justify the price. $500 or more for these things I’m sure that’s a real mark up.

  5. Gary Campbell
    Gary Campbell says:

    Ray i have T Mobile also and they have improved coverage and data performance also, so i may hold off and see how it goes, and thanks for the review and i think the company is cheap for making you send it back they ought to let you give it away and let some one else try it. see ya.If you see Eddie G.tell him Gary C says Howdy.

  6. Downsizing Makes Cents
    Downsizing Makes Cents says:

    We have a booster right now that seems to be working but we are always interested in other possibilities. Good point about Canada. We want to spend next summer there. They want their demo back? I thought they send those to you guys to keep ? Thanks for another great review. Alice

  7. Al Ewers
    Al Ewers says:

    Once you get South of Florence OR about 10 miles there's zero signal for 5 – 10 miles, at least on AT&T. Would have been interesting to see if it worked there.

    Send it back? I thought you got to keep all those toys, Ray.


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