Review of the RV GasStop Automatic Propane Shutoff Safety Device (Updated).


I recently came across this safety product while at a recent RV show. It has the ability to detect a major propane leak in you RV’s system and automatically shutoff the propane tank.

Video Update: These are actually manufactured in China, but were designed in Europe.

At the end of the video, you will find a discount code for 10% off plus free shipping when ordered from

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  1. Bruce Wa
    Bruce Wa says:

    We really love your videos, I have tried to do the dimmer (did not work as hoped) and plan on trying more. I had seen the Gas Stop on another video, and purchased two of them. One was OK, and the other leaked. I returned the leaker and received a replacement. But now both of them seem to have problems sealing/leaking. I hope you have better luck. Will look forward to any future updates.

  2. Campos Vazquez
    Campos Vazquez says:

    Another very useful and very important video my RV propane tanks already have the diaphragm style valves would the gas stop replace those Valves and does the gas stop valve system perform better and is more safer than the diaphragm valves that are already in my propane system if I have to buy a new safety valve system am I better off buying the type that is already on my RV or do you recommend the gas stop again thank you


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