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Driving the RV back into town to the rest area where I will get a quick nap in before filling the water tank and moving on to the next spot. The RV has another leak so I will probably head back to the ranch at some point. Update vlog.
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22 replies
  1. Joe’s RV Home Turtle
    Joe’s RV Home Turtle says:

    Well not a bad trip … got to see a lot of new scenery. Patches got to stretch her legs…as well as you…repairs would be there if ya had a new one…safe travels back to the farm…more repair videos…I am about to replace the front springs on turtle…going back to watch your video on that again. Stay safe and see ya in the next one!

  2. Richard Deich
    Richard Deich says:

    That hose comes from the bottom of the engine next to the oil filter.It is a engine oil cooler. The P30 with the 454 chev. engine uses that cooler to keep engine oil cool .The transmission cooler is in the radiator . That hose is to the oil cooler is know to start leaking. NAPA says they stock it. Truck and trailer repair centers can rebuild you a new one too.

  3. Tyson #1 Fan
    Tyson #1 Fan says:

    This seems like a money pit! You should cut your loses and get something a little newer but your gonna lose space and you need to do a shop or traveling shop for people IN Van life or rv life or what about truck drivers? My cousin drives and makes great money and you would be traveling.

  4. 462ANIMAL
    462ANIMAL says:

    Check your PCV “positive crankcase ventilation “. Intake could be leaking down the back and burning off on the exhaust. Could also have rings not sealing due to carbon buildup. Can fix that by pouring mystery oil in each cylinder and leaving it soak for a week. It’s old so probably a little bit of everything. Just keep it full. I’d use 10w 40

  5. Scott Ellis
    Scott Ellis says:

    When you do the engine work record more than 2 minutes please that stuff is what it’s about. I think you should record more of the whole of your projects. I understand it’s a challenge to do the work and record but it would definitely improve your channel. Thanks enjoy your vids

  6. Frank Corrado
    Frank Corrado says:

    There is a washable filter kit for Fantastic Vent that will keep the screen clean. We have it and it's good. Glad you enjoyed your trip. Hope the oil leak isn't anything serious. KATHY 😃😀

  7. Gman351
    Gman351 says:

    that was engine Oil not your transmission and your tyres look a bit flat pump them up … Degrease your engine power wash it and then run it to find out where the oil leak is coming from maybe its the rocker covers BUT i think it could be the main seal thats a Big job

  8. tom malich
    tom malich says:

    Your like I am when it comes to leaks. Dont matter how well its running. A leak and I am wanting to fix it NOW. Cant wait to see your next videos and If you year down the engine. Good job.

  9. Marka Oslo
    Marka Oslo says:

    Hey @Nate – That looked like engine oil to me too (have you checked the ATF, while you're at it? Weave yourself around the right front tire and pull a spark-plug or two! Any oil fouling may indict valve-guide seals and or piston rings; without knowing how many miles you traveled to consume 1 quart of engine oil and – judging by where the oil is heavy on the frame and engine… check that it isn't just coming down from the valve-covers (they wouldn't leak too much or at all with eng off and cold) – {wind effects from driving down the road will change leak escape patterns too} otherwise, may be your front main seal – that only leaks under heat and load, higher rpm's etc. That said, if I recall correctly – your fouled pcv valve that you replaced (?) could indicate that you've maybe got some compression escaping into the crankcase (re-check the pcv valve) – If it's rings, you should be able to detect a bit of fuel smell and thinning of the engine oil. Not sure right off if VG seals would allow compression blow-by unless, you've got a hanging valve or bad valve seat(s), too? The best thing that I can recommend a this point is (after putting a label "Check Oil First!" at your ignition switch – start yourself a flow-chart, so that you can visualize the systemic functions of the engine and then do proper diagnostics – so that you're not simply guessing and, it takes a lot of the mystery out of it (there's probably already one's to find online) – and, we tend to forget seemingly little yet, significant functions and /cause/effect relations between the components – that can leave us chasing our tails, throwing parts at it and, dreading worst case scenarios (needlessly). Also, the stop-leak type products can buy you some time – they can also restrict passages, reducing proper lubrication – I've used and still occasional will, use such products; just be sure that you're clear on the cost/benefit and what you're intending to do – hiding a leak doesn't fix the problem, it just makes it less obvious. Sorry for the short novel, I look forward to hearing that you're back at the ranch all safe and sound – until next time, cheers-

    JOE ATCHISON says:

    Get you a set of helper bags for it, you are a smart fella. Install a gauge and fill them with an air pump. I had a cheap set in my truck for pulling a camper. Naturally they wanted to sell me an expensive set. Bought a set of firestone bags and made a mount. Problem solved. Roughly 200.00 bucks.

  11. Stoner 916
    Stoner 916 says:

    yea! PLEASE look into that old engine! It needs. It doesn't seem like your dripping all that oil out, it seems like its being burned. check the compression on the engine


    Did yall ever finish getting the black light working ? If the airbag compressor ( or system ) is shot , could ya just put on bags like mine has that you fill up like tires ? I like the list on a mirror idea too . I just got a marker for it after seeing yall use one . Works great .

  13. Craig Gleichmann
    Craig Gleichmann says:

    Guess the compressor is for the air ride didn't even know that year had air ride. Always something but basically runs great for it's year. I'd try some oil sealer before going crazy with valve guides I used it in my f 250 truck camper and sealed oil leak at rear if heads just a thought. Be well bet it's good to get back into town 😊😉😉


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