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#ilovervlife #rvfireplace #rvrepairs Joan and I have owned our 5th wheel for five years. If you are in a similar situation, you have discovered that things break overtime. Just as owning a home, vehicle and anything mechanical, maintenance and repairs are needed from use. That’s the case with today’s project: Repair RV Fireplace. One crisp, early Spring morning this year, we were enjoying the RV Fireplace electric heater and then: Snap, Crackle, Pop! Sparks flew from the top, the breaker blew and that was the end of the heater. We are getting ready for a long trip, like the convenience of the RV fireplace heater and after much searching, found a replacement.

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The replacement RV Fireplace was purchased at

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  1. flyerx
    flyerx says:

    You titled this "electric fireplace repair" but you aren't repairing, you are replacing it. This is very misleading to someone looking to repair, not replace.

  2. TEXAS
    TEXAS says:

    Well good video I had sort the same issue with exact replacement . I bought a slide motor for my jayco trailer using same model # same brand of motor well when received and started to install the ( exact replacement) it had a different gear and didn’t work after calling jayco and fussing they told well it just happened they decided to change manufacturers on gear assembly half through the year so I was forced to then buy the whole new gear assembly how nice of them 👎

  3. Ty Hedman
    Ty Hedman says:

    Jerry, at the front of the video you had mentioned that the fire place was more or less like a space heater. Personally, my self, I don't like space heaters they are very dangerous. I've seen first hand what a space heater can do. To make a long story short, I worked for our City Fire Dept. 10 years and was first on scene one day were a guy had a space heater on in his house and left with 4 animals in side. One of his dogs knocked over the space heater and burnt his house all the way down killing all of his animals inside, it was sad. However, on a more positive note you did a great job replacing the fire place. It looked nice. Can I call you if I ever need one replaced? lol j/k.

  4. The Art of RVing
    The Art of RVing says:

    * it is interesting seeing what the fireplace is all about…………we really look forward towards having an RV with one in it……………………………for now………we have to watch "fireplace" on Youtube………love your spirit*

  5. Tapex
    Tapex says:

    Definitely a awesome way to stay cozy and keep the chill down when saving propane too! Great repair with great results Jerry! Love how sometimes we just have to modify with newer model appliances! Y'all stay warm now ya hear!! Be blessed Jerry and Joan!

  6. Ernie Lansford
    Ernie Lansford says:

    There are 3 type of fiberboard. LDF (low Density), MDF (medium density) HDF (High Density). Each density is priced accordingly per use and perceived value of the producer of the end product.


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