Recreational Vehicle Tire Maintenance – A Safe RV


On the front tire of your motor home, you want to make sure that they are maintained properly because if you do lose a tire while you are driving you can very easily lose control of the vehicle. The first thing that you want to check is the tire pressure. You check that with the valve stem located on the tire, just remove the cap and check the pressure with your tire pressure gauge. The pressure that is needed on your tire will be listed on the actual tire. If it reads cold that means you haven’t been driving the coach very much so the tire pressure will read very accurately. In a hotter environment you want to drop about 5 pounds of pressure per tire because tires do heat up a lot and gain pressure driving down the road. Next thing that you want to check is your side walls, you want to check for any cracks or any tire ware if maybe you rubbed/or hit a curb. Some cracking is normal but deep or heavy cracking is not normal, you need to get that tired checked and possibly replaced. Next thing you want to check is your tread ware. If your tire is warring on the outside and inside of the tire, which means your tire needs to be inflated. So check the tire pressure and make sure it is at the proper setting. If the tire tread is warring in the middle, its means that you’re over pressurizing your tires and you need to drop the pressure to the proper setting. Another big thing about tire pressure is if it is not set properly you are going to use more fuel, which now a days is extremely important. So you want to be sure to maintain the proper pressure in each tire. If it is warring just on the outside of the tire you need to take it to a tire shop and have you alignment checked and possibly aligned. If you have a heavy vibration in the front usually that means that the tires are not balanced so you should also take it to the tire shop and have them checked.

Do It Yourself (DIY) RV Tire Maintenance. Make sure you have the safest vacation and travel destination that is possible.


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  1. erkme73
    erkme73 says:

    These videos are helpful – thanks. But if you do more, or redo these, try a lapel mic so the audio isn't so hard to hear.

    Also, it's tire wearing, not warring 🙂


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