Recreational Vehicle ban; Straight pride parade;


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  1. James DeGray
    James DeGray says:

    Keeping people out of RV's is to kill them and limit their voting power destroying the power of the senate, and narrowing the group that elects congress, it is a dark game going on

  2. CR1545
    CR1545 says:

    no such thing as a straight pride parade…lol…how straight can he be when a woman wears a strap on dildo and he takes it up the @@@? coo coo. i heard about those….Blacks Law – Part 7..i saw it on youtube.

  3. Pansy Swinson
    Pansy Swinson says:

    Dear Kim Look at us ..Memphis can contribute worldwide right now to contribue to the benifit of mankind. Gues What it is? Research me All I need is favorable fair regulatins and funding. Memphis has all the co operation you need. Reaseach Germantown, Eads and Memphis. Let us in the game now . Have been sitting on the side lines too long. Hint my Daddy was quality control of Levi Thanking you in Advance pansy swinson for the whole planet.

  4. J. M.
    J. M. says:

    Let us not forget the churches who own 35% of all land in America and don't pay any taxes and they bring an all the refugees but they're not white Christians show how many Americans own vast amounts of land and foreigners are actually manipulating the Constitution land without compensation oh by the way you can rape and torture entire family slowly as it's called a slow kiss but Kim doesn't seem to be interested in that you think maybe if you were replaced and all black people took your positions and Kim whatever species she comes from Amy sherald a hangout with the black race forget about the white race see how that goes

  5. Light Tajiri Bey
    Light Tajiri Bey says:

    Aboriginal indigenous sovereign Americans own American land. But you already know that. CORPORATION CITIZENS cannot and do not own anything as they are 14th amendment property. Peace.

  6. Zealot Now Chosen
    Zealot Now Chosen says:

    Nothing will happen, all working as intended. Complete destruction of the USA moving forward to bring We the people to the point as Hong Kong. Then the evil will spray, poison and cause death across this Country. The Media continues throwing ideas, just to cause division. With the False Flags blasting across the World, hoping it will bring on war. Joke But none of the items or issues on this Planet compares to the Hell about to hit from Space and every earthquake and volcano show what is coming, SOON. Get ready Pedophiles still control the planet and the USA nothing has changed YET The Dark Web shows how the Elite and the rulers of this world are actual like Pray be watchful it is all going to blow, just don't be in the fall out. God Bless this planet


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