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  1. Unstoppable Morgan
    Unstoppable Morgan says:

    FUN FACT: My stepdad Mike held me first and named me Morgan after a Morgan horse ranch he went to as a young man. ❤️❤️ I am looking for feedback by posting this idea, whatever advice you’ve got I’ll take! Thank you!

  2. Outdoor Life
    Outdoor Life says:

    Okay first off you are the coolest chick ever. Second, no on the horse trailer. Like the others have said, get a utility trailer. You wanna be as under the radar as possible Incase you need to do stealth camping.

  3. See Jane Travel
    See Jane Travel says:

    Not sure why you are getting rid of your RV. I've been full timing for 4 years in a 30 foot Class C and I haul my car on a car dolly behind my RV. If I were you, I would keep your Class C as it's easier to find places to park and tow your Bronco behind it or just ditch the Bronco. It's cheaper and already done. You could learn how to tow your Bronco as it's easy to do. You will find your quality of life will go a lot better with your Class C. Also, with a trailer you can't drop your trailer on the road as it has to be attached to a vehicle. It's easier to have a motorhome and even though you don't need the extra space, I found my dog and my cats were happier with my current RV rather than my 20 foot Class C.

  4. ReFracture
    ReFracture says:

    As long as you don't get too long of a trailer for the Bronco it should do alright towing… The short wheelbase is the only thing that made me re-think towing a 20+ ft camper trailer with one.. gets sketchy in the wind on the highway.

  5. Rocky VI
    Rocky VI says:

    Hey Morgan, I want to see you cut off the el dorado cab and weld in a hitch so you can tow it with your Bronco. The toughest part would be to convert the hydraulic rear brakes over to electric and welding in a heavy duty hitch. It’s obvious that you love el dorado so convert into a pull type RV instead of using it as a motor home.

  6. JK XTC
    JK XTC says:

    You should look on craigslist for a 13' to 17' scamp trailer something like that would pull behind the bronco like nothing …..light weight and can make a tiny home out of it ….maybe buy property and park it….or just travel 😁

  7. J e
    J e says:

    Try to get a small bumper pull there are a lot of older used ones for sale and you should not have to alter it to much, selling the Eldorado you would easily have enough with some left over, then you could travel across the country staying at a KOA or two with all the hook ups you need to get a shower! I grew up with horses and we had a Morgan at one point, she was very determined and had a lot of heart!

  8. Ralph Casados
    Ralph Casados says:

    Hey kiddo kill the horse trailer Idea and get a PopUP trailer or a bumper pull trailer probably for less money than you putting into the bronco and horse trailer. Another idea you would have been better to convert the suburban than the bronco. More room and more power.

  9. Wayne Hawley
    Wayne Hawley says:

    Miss seein you.. Hope your doin well.. Dont do a horse traler… Their to heavy vs a regular camper traler… An you wont have to spend a bunch of money to get whats needed, if it already has it and you can use a small camper traler in the weather an not be cold or hot, plus have more room.

  10. RV Freedom
    RV Freedom says:

    Quitting RVing is probably for the best. Most don't have the spirit to live in one fulltime. Follow your bliss if a horse trailer fits you, go for it. In a weird way it probably suits you.

  11. mediocreisnotok
    mediocreisnotok says:

    I recommend using the Bronco to pull a fiberglass trailer like a Scamp or Casita they are much lighter than horse trailers and other travel trailers. They are small but not as tiny as a teardrop.

  12. Slick Andrews
    Slick Andrews says:

    If you're willing to trade the motorhome, maybe you could find someone with an old Apache popup camper they'd be willing to let go of… They're incredibly light. They're spacious when opened up. And there's no canvas to screw with. The "hard sided" models were made by Veseley Enterprises in Omar, Michigan from about 1970 to 1985, I believe… The Roamer and the Ramada were the largest size.

  13. Scott Solomon
    Scott Solomon says:

    Horse trailer = Bad Idea. Horse trailers are metal boxes, hot in the summer, cold in the winter, no way to properly insulate it. Way too heavy for the room you get, no advantage to getting one. Either get an enclosed utility trailer or a small travel trailer. Many many people have converted enclosed trailer of all sizes to really nice camper/tiny homes. Way easier to insulate, about half the weight, easy to convert, nice square walls and floor, etc. You can get one for the same money as a horse trailer and be much better off.

    Using parts from the RV = Good idea. Put these parts in the enclosed trailer and make yourself a nice stealthy mini RV/Tiny home.

  14. Tj Hoekstra
    Tj Hoekstra says:

    Morgan, It is AWESOME that you are a dreamer!!! What engine is in the bronco? The 351W 5.8 or the 5.0 302? You probably already know this, but towing is going to be better with the 5.8L, especially going up mountains. I had a 94 Bronco with a 5.0. I LOVED towing with it and loved the look of it towing. Your horse trailer idea is AWESOME!!! Make it your own! You've already proven that your do an excellent job converting the horse trailer and making it turn out great.

    The RV… It might be OK to pull the Bronco behind… but I'd be nervous…but just check the drive-train and brakes on the RV. I've done some pretty sketchy stuff, lol, but as long as you verify everything and keep up on preventative maint. and are within weight spec, you should be fine. Check the towing rating of the RV and make sure you get a proper tow bar and to tow the Bronco.

    My advice, If you have the time to convert the horse trailer, convert it and tow it with the bronco. If not, tow the bronco behind the RV, if it has the proper towing capacity, lol.
    Keep us posted!!

  15. Bob M.
    Bob M. says:

    I went through the same process, but with Suburban. Ditch the RV and do not invest in the horse trailer until you have tried to live in the Bronco. Dropping the trailer and exploring sounds like a good option, but I came to the conclusion that was not the way to go. It is two pieces of equipment, two registrations, multiple things to fix and build etc. You will always be worried about the trailer when you aren't there and you have to find a place to leave it in the first place. Finding a place for one vehicle can be hard enough let alone two. I had purchased a 6x6x10 box trailer, a cabover camper as a doner, all of it. end just go with one vehicle and experience the life and what works for you and what doesn't. There are tons of used trailers out there and horse trailer is small and built to haul heavy animals which make it unsuitable for a tiny house thing as it will rattle apart everything you build with the stiff suspension. My 2 cents.

  16. Brandon Shaffer
    Brandon Shaffer says:

    I lived in a 27’ bumper pull camper for almost 2 years no slides was perfect. And wasn’t hard to pull and set up. I only gave $500 for it and it was actually decent Rich people see old see junk. It was all my gain. Now I live in a 35’ slides bunk house and a bitch to move. I gave my nieces the old camper she loves it now.

  17. Jake 1024
    Jake 1024 says:

    It's a way better idea to keep the motorhome that you've put so much time into and flat tow the bronco behind it. I promise you'll get used to towing it. Or.. use the bronco for a tow rig and then get yourself a travel trailer. The horse trailer is a hair brained idea. Or keep the rv, ditch the bronco and find a little honda civic or something stick shift and small to flat tow around. A horse trailer made into a house I'm afraid you're going to find is to heavy to pull with the bronco.

  18. Niko Barnes
    Niko Barnes says:

    I’d hate to burst your bubble, but that motor home is as long as my crew cab long bed truck. And I pull a trailer quite regularly. You just have to learn your turns and check your mirrors a lot. I’m sure if you tried you’d be able to do it

  19. Marie Flynt
    Marie Flynt says:

    Quit buying crap and get something halfway decent. You're buying things that other people have run into the ground and your making the mistake of trying to fix JUNK!!!!!! Make a GOOD investment and stick to it!!!

  20. Unrestricted Customs
    Unrestricted Customs says:

    I’ve watched some of your videos, and I’m a little confused. If a person is trying to leave a location, they would not take on projects like the bronco and the suburban. Especially all at once…
    So, are you click bate?
    Is this channel click bate?
    You have 27,000+ followers, probably because of your initial situation, and your HOT!


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