Pushing a 30 Year Old RV to Above 10,000 Feet Over Lizard Head Pass in Colorado!


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My name is Dave and I travel with my dog Bella in a 1990 Fleetwood Bounder Class A Motorhome. This is our tour across America. So join us if you’re open to travel, fun, excitement, hiking & exploring. Wish us luck on this adventure! Maybe we’ll see you down the road sometime. Happy trails!

My channel is about full time RV Living in an older RV while keeping the wheels rolling on a budget. I do the repairs, updates and upgrades myself. I’ve become my own RV Mechanic/Medic! I seek boondocking opportunities every chance I can and power the RV with 500 watts of solar and approximately 500 amp hours of batteries. RV Resorts are just not our style!

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  1. Sharon Hunter
    Sharon Hunter says:

    You crack me up Dave. You have a great sense of humor. “Let Betty catch her breath!” Made me laugh. It’s really pretty there in that area. Poor ole’ Betty maxed out at 26 mph! That was a pull! I hope Bella feels better. I noticed when she went into the Motorhome at the part you let her in, my dog does that when something has bothered him. High tails it to his spot. Stung by a bee, or a who knows. Sparky is just like Bella in the way he acts. He’s a little guy. Chi-Terrier mix. Looks like Moo Moo but could stand to loose a few pounds.. (Asha’s? Dog Moo Moo)

  2. JohninTucson
    JohninTucson says:

    As a total gearhead, I was loving listening to those secondaries wide open on your carb as your lovely old girl was heading up the hills at that high elevation. These old carb units do struggle when the oxygen is low, and under load, but she seemed to do just fine albeit with only a 3 speed automatic tranny to transfer the power. Do you have the 454 in your RV or the 8.1 ltr (a 500ci mill I think?). Either way, you keep her purring at any altitude. Glad you and Bella didn't get hit with the full effect of altitude sickness, it's a dangerous condition especially when driving! Keep a' goin' my friend!

  3. Kimberly Shalaby
    Kimberly Shalaby says:

    I wasn't familiar with the Galloping Goose. Interesting history there about the train. I was hoping you'd find something that would show it had been there once. The place you thought was a bridge gave me the impression of maybe a pipeline. I enjoyed the video. Beautiful scenery.

  4. Olie, Lena and the RV
    Olie, Lena and the RV says:

    I agree with Marlin. You will enjoy the train 🚂
    I’ve been on those roads quite a bit. I used to go up there to get some great hay when I had a horse.
    Lucky you, cool weather.
    I’m on my way to Big Bend. I’m at Laughlin AFB and it’s a bit balmy 105 🥵

  5. Ron Wasser
    Ron Wasser says:

    Incredible thanks. I’m sure Betty went through a lot of gas I could imagine that gas gage dropping every time she dropped into second gear. Great Video beautiful country. Take care safe travels.

  6. Tom Hull
    Tom Hull says:

    That is a good job the old bus is a fine thing. Thanks for sharing the fun ride with me and your fans. Never been on that part of road. To hard of a pull for us. Thanks for the video yep Hoya Hoya Gramps on the couch Tom t .

  7. jillipepper5353
    jillipepper5353 says:

    Go Betty Go👍🏻 🤣😂 maybe don’t try to figure out math when you’re high🏔. Hope you are both doing ok , Bella looked like she was a little freaked out. . Obviously commenting as the video goes along, should have just waited till the end but often I forget what I wanted to say by the end. That’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it. Yeah, You made it, great scenery, thanks for taking us along. 🙋🏼

  8. RVing Sooz
    RVing Sooz says:

    I know how that feels to be going 25 up a pass in a class A. I did it in my Winnebago. I decided instead of worrying about how slow I was going I would just enjoy the scenery at a slower pace. It's kinda hairy though.

  9. craig tarbox
    craig tarbox says:

    My kind of scenery ! Maybe Bella could sense you and Betty's stress is why she got nervous ? She sure looked like she was enjoying the cooler weather. Nice ride along Dave. Be safe on those mountain roads.


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