Pursue Flyer by inTech RV | The Ultimate 2019 Adventure Trailer

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7 replies
  1. The D Squad
    The D Squad says:

    This looks amazing. I’m loving the additional tent for the rest of the family. I saw the video on the luna new additions for summer 2019. Will you guys be making the pursue with pop up table seating thats big like the new luna. Many places that are amazing to camp are places you find and there aren’t seating, not all the time it’s convenient to just sit on the ground outside to eat.

  2. PaPa-D
    PaPa-D says:

    I'm so glad you offer a smaller camper with an ACTUAL RV air conditioner/heat pump/strip etc. option VS a residential A/C unit that is NOT BUILT for the bumps and jumps of the road and will inevitably give out! Plus the options and design and craftsmanship of your flyers are top notch! I'll be buying one soon!


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