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  1. Scott Falkner
    Scott Falkner says:

    Did your resin last the entire time you were at Spearfish.How often do you test your tds readings? I have a DI Rinse for home use and get about a 1000 gallons from 1/2 a cubic foot. I've found you get spotting from as little 25 ppm. Another turtle wax product l found that works well is the wax and dry. Amazing how you spray it on a wet surface and it act like a towel itself cutting drying time in half and waxing at the same time.

  2. Don Bruder
    Don Bruder says:

    I just purchased a soap canon,they are awesome,what product do you recommend to use in it ? I really like mine and it cuts down on time and makes it fun to wash my RV and my cars ! Great video,Big Tony sucked that water down fast !,,

  3. Rich Kuban
    Rich Kuban says:

    Probably would have been better to reverse the order of the comparison due to the overspray of the power wash. Seems like power wash process after so many no rinse washes would be ideal.Thanks for the video!

  4. Latada
    Latada says:

    Andrew and Big Tony, I’m all about cleaning my coach and car! I completely understand and appreciate this video. Once I discovered Croftgate USA waterless carwash, I WAS SOLD FOREVER! I just had the Tiffin Wayfarer built! I also have a black Benz. I can clean these two vehicles in less than an hour from top to bottom and they look PERFECT! Like you and Tony said you don’t have all that prep work. You don’t have all the detailing after the wash. The washing is really the easiest part (with the traditional way) it’s the detailing afterwards (the drying). I love that I can pull my car into the garage dirty and pull back out with it so clean and shiny the reflection of my entire garage shows on my car. I use to be a distributor for Croftgate USA and we sold to people like Jay Leno ( he recently developed his own line of “waterless carwash and sells it on QVC now. Also Mitch Lanzini is a customer of the product along with Rachel Rays husband, he would order so much we ask him “What are you doing with this stuff, drinking it”😂… as well as so many more celebrities. We (Frankie Defoe) even presented it on QVC! It was a hit! I have shoulder problems so to be able to just spray it on and wipe it off is a wonderful thing! Also, I bought the telescopic pole and the microfiber pads and towels and keep it in my coach so I can keep my coach clean everywhere I go (without using water) I truly believe in these type products, it makes cleaning and maintaining a vehicle so much easier and honestly IMO even cleaner and definitely a more vibrant shine. Especially the product that have the wax in it. I appreciate you can get these products with or without wax. Also, they are safe for the environment because they’re plant based. I would like to try your waterless product, where would I find it? Thanks so much for these kind of videos as well! It really shows how passionate you guys are with your cleaning business. Keep up the good work! Thanks for sharing all your knowledge and adventures with us!

  5. Lone Wolf
    Lone Wolf says:

    Big Tone dusted you on the water. I hope one day you get a store on amazon or ebay with all those products you use. I respect your knowledge and will give my support by purchasing the products. I'm speaking about every product all the way down to the drying towels.

  6. gramsofmoney
    gramsofmoney says:

    Just an idea….why not start a Patreon and save your best tips or insider content for Patreon subscribers? A lot of youtubers are using Patreon to supplement the peanuts that YouTube pays.

  7. Ian
    Ian says:

    Best way to clean your coach is to have it done by Andrew and big Tony.
    RV WASH RACES. That would be a great video and judge on speed and quality.
    Sadie can be the judge, which ever coach she stays by wins. (TIP: hide a hot dog on top of the wheel of the coach you want her to choose)
    Big Tony could probably chug 2 to 1 on the water brother.

    Stay safe guys.

  8. Stephen Pruszenski
    Stephen Pruszenski says:

    Really good stuff, fellas. I still don't know which method I would use on my own RV, but they both seem to do a great job. I'd probably go with whichever method took the least amount of time, especially in that searing Arizona heat.

  9. David Whalen
    David Whalen says:

    You two seem to have a great time no matter what you are doing. One piece of equipment not mentioned is your sun glasses. They are so important when outside working. I have macular degeneration from not protecting my eyes. My retonologist recommends amber color blue blockers.


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