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Buying an RV is a big decision, and how can you figure out what’s the right RV or Travel Trailer for you? You can’t take an RV from a Dealer out for an Overnight stay.

“You wouldn’t buy a car without a test drive, why would you do that with an RV?”

If you’re looking for a Seattle RV or a Portland RV or Travel trailer, here at NW Adventure Rentals, we offer you a unique chance to not just “Try Before You Buy” But “Live in it Before You Buy”.

You may well find that you wish you had bought 4 feet longer. Or shorter. You don’t want BUYER’S REMORSE!!

It’s one thing to stand in an RV at the sales lot and imagine how well it will work for your family and your style of camping. It’s quite another to actually go live in that floorplan for the first time. During your rental you are bound to gain valuable insight into the layout and options that *really* work for you and your family.


How does the RV feel when you’re cooking and the kids are in there with you? Is it big enough?

Do the sofa and dinette beds work ok for the kids, or do you really want a bunk model with the permanent beds?

For traveler trailers

If you (or your tow vehicle) are new to towing, a rental can help determine how comfortable you and your truck are with a particular size of trailer.”

Even similar sized RV”s and trailers have different layouts:

Do you want an open floor plan for more spacious living?

Rent an RV with privacy

Or do you want something with a little more privacy?

Rent an RV with privacy

Check out our Seattle and Portland fleets to see what kind of RV might be right for you to test Drive!

Or give us a call!
You’ll talk to a real person who is happy to answer your questions and help you get started on your next adventure!


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