Portland ‘overwhelmed’ with abandoned RVs


Hundreds of abandoned RVs line city streets, many occupied by people who were homeless. City residents demanded action from City Hall — and it looks like some things are in motion.


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  1. November
    November says:

    Why are so many RV's trashed, like they were wrecked, and how did they all get to their destination. Why are they all together? And what area's would a non trashed RV be able to park? Incomplete report.

  2. Paws4Mercy
    Paws4Mercy says:

    What happens to people who are not in trashed RVs who are not leaving garbage or sewage and are NOT blocking sidewalks on drugs or causing a nuisance and who have no where else to go ? Maybe just low on gas and not bothering anyone . What happens to them ?

  3. bluelipbeaver
    bluelipbeaver says:

    The homeless have never wanted to work. It's more fun and easier to sit around and get high all day. Wait for free handouts and smell like shit. Always have an excuse. I for one am not buying their excuse's anymore.

  4. Isaiah40:22
    Isaiah40:22 says:

    So if you have an unwanted RV that can't pass a State inspection and can't get rid of it by selling it, you just put it on some random street for houseless people to live in? What a great humane and cost saving idea!

  5. Zoetropeification
    Zoetropeification says:

    I'm sure there are city owned properties in Portland which could easily be made available for parking RVs. The problem is the city could not afford to accept liability for officially allowing these folks to stay in sanctioned areas. As for the abandoned RVs it should be relatively easy to put a program in place to tow them to a recycling yard. Would be costly but could surely be absorbed in the city budget.

  6. Justice Knight
    Justice Knight says:

    Why does everyone always blame the Government then say Gov shouldn't regulate, well you want to fix the issue regulate apartment rents. There will never be enough apartment built because once built most of the rents are vary high.


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