Police say man broke into wrong business; arrested on multiple charges | Crime and Court

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A Dothan man already behind bars faces additional charges in connection with a Sept. 12 burglary of a Dothan business.

Jeffrey Bruce Wilson, 30, of Dothan is charged with third-degree burglary, unlawful breaking and entering a motor vehicle, and possession of burglary tools.

“Mr. Wilson intended to break into Area 51 (Guns and Ammo), but broke into the wrong business located in the next suite,” said Dothan Police Lt. Lynn Watkins. “Wilson burglarized Tyree Entertainment located in the 5700 block of Montgomery Highway. Once Wilson was inside the business, he took numerous bags containing roughly $800 worth of quarters and some car keys. He used the keys to break into a 2007 GMC.”

The investigation uncovered evidence that lead to the arrest of Wilson. Once he was located, multiple burglary tools were found in his possession, to include hammer, metal shears, vice grrips, a Sawsall, etc.

Wilson is also charged with third-degree burglary and second-degree arson, a result of his alleged torching of a recreational vehicle camper at 5081 Third Ave. in Dothan last week. Officers were attempting to apprehend Wilson on burglary charges when he ran inside his RV. A short time later, he ran out of the RV, which went up in flames, police said. The RV is destroyed.

Police believe Wilson is the suspect in the Sept. 6 burglary at the Outpost Gun Shop in Dothan.

Wilson was also positively identified as the suspect who allegedly burglarized the River City Pawn Shop in Geneva over the weekend. Geneva police have pending charges for Wilson in that case

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