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Randal Murray is here to give you all a quick tutorial on how to properly care for and maintain the seals around your RV that need to be caulked. For more info:

Randy wants to show you how to help properly maintain your RV for years of enjoyment, and one fix that he sees a lot of people attempt, and not always do well, themselves is resealing seams on the RV with new caulking. First off he goes over what you are going to need to do the job; proper caulking for the surface, a quality caulking gun with stopper, oder-less mineral spirits, clean rags and sometimes a razor blade to clean out dry, cracked caulking.

To begin with Randy wets a rag with mineral spirits to clean and prep the surface he is going to be sealing making sure to get the entire area including behind the wiper seal. Once everything is cleaned and dry you can get your caulking ready to use and set up in the gun. Make sure not to cut too large of a hole in the caulking tube as too much can interfere with doing a proper job. Placing a thin bead of caulk along the seam, Randy works his way in a single, fluent motion.

The key to doing this job is using the mineral spirits on your finger to help press and spread the caulking into the seam, giving it a professional look and tapering each side to help shed water. Make sure to not do too long of an area, start small and slow so you can work your way up. The same process is done for a vertical seam as well, but make sure that you start with a clean tip to ensure you get a seamless bead.

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  1. ODD-one out n about
    ODD-one out n about says:

    Very skilled.Very good👍 my little rv has got some water ingress,aluminium body ,leak seems to be comming from central sky light and running along to rear bathroom area.No water ingress around sky light but i hear the water running along ,could also be leaks where rear ladder's joined too.

  2. Dale Westergaard
    Dale Westergaard says:

    What a great calking seminar! And Randy didn't use any tape. I'm gonna get after it. I just bought a couple hundred yards of tape, that is NOT going to get used. I can see thats a big waste of time. Thanks Randy.

  3. Dan Davidson
    Dan Davidson says:

    Hey Pete, nice video. I have a newer trailer that has black caulking on side vertical rails. Underneath is putty coming out. Would you suggest pushing the putty back in with tool or finger, then recaulk with non leveling dicor? Thank you

  4. Jane
    Jane says:

    We have to replace the "tape" ( not sure what it's called) inside the groove on the front sides from the roof top all the way to the bottom where you were caulking. Do you have any suggestions on keeping it from dislodging. It started coming out on our way thru AZ ( hot summer). We stopped & did a fix as best as we could to get us home then replaced it. How do we keep the "tape like" stuff from coming out again. Can we caulk the outside of the groove like you did plus the inside too?


    At the risk of sounding like I am stomping your channel, I see this silicone fail constantly. One of the reason I can see here is the cleaning with mineral spirits. MS has petroleum distillates which leaves an oily film. That film will prevent a tight bond. It would not surprise me that the RV industry does this process since they seem to design the coaches to fail…like recommending Dicor for instance.
    Trempro recommends cleaning with alcohol such as acetone and even scouring the surface to ensure a tight.
    bond. Personally we never tool the caulk, although Trempro recommends tooliing…we don't use Tremco products or any products labeled for RV.
    If you can use a gun well you shouldn't need to. Prior to using any product read the tech data sheets.

  6. Bob Shank
    Bob Shank says:

    Kinda confused.. my local camper dealer and everyone else I have talked to says Not to use silicone like he is doing in the video.. they all say use dicor or another lap sealant never silicon..

  7. dank donkerson
    dank donkerson says:

    Randy, names Jim and I just bought a 1978 Tioga 2 16'6" camper and need to reseal the front overhead sleeper window, it has a lot of old calk that I need to remove (they just piled it on over the years) to take the window out and reinstall it and calk it correctly. Can you give me an idea of how to completely remove all the old calking? I thought about using an eraser wheel to take it all off but im not sure if it will work,

    the shell of the camper is all fiberglass and I can see light coming through the bottom of the window along the edge between the window and the cut out the window that the window sits in.


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