Our RV Setup – Mobile Internet Access – 3 Years Living on The Road


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Erik & Kala have been living on the road, working full time for 3+ years. They continue their “Our Setup” Series with a complete review of how they stay connected while on the road…

Items Discussed In This Video:

WifiRanger SkyPro RV Connectivity Solution: http://livinlite.net/wifi-ranger-sky-pro-lte/
WifiRanger Elite AC 5G RV Connectivity Solution: http://livinlite.net/wifiranger-elite-ac/
Peplink Pepwave Max Br1 Router: http://livinlite.net/pepwave_br1
weBoost Drive 4G-X RV http://livinlite.net/weboost_drive_4g
weBoost Drive Sleek 470135 – Cradle Based Mobile Booster: http://livinlite.net/weboost_craddle_4g
Peplink Pepwave Surf On-The-Go http://livinlite.net/Pepwave_on_the_go
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Panasonic 2 Line Desk Phone With Bluetooth http://livinlite.net/panasonic-deskphone

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49 replies
  1. Dan
    Dan says:

    Any idea how much the average data usage would be VPN'ing into an employer's network? I'm worried that just accessing network drives, mainframe systems, etc., will eat the month data up and I would be throttled back.

  2. Alec Ver Bunker
    Alec Ver Bunker says:

    even considering this is run on ac you could just run a 12v power socket to that location and have the option of plugging in one of those cigarette lighter power inverters. I bet this only draws 5 or 10 watts. Or considering it's all on power adapters just find the proper cable and power converter. I bet the Verizon runs on 5v the WiFi router 12v and the booster 24v or 18v. It all already runs on dc probably just not the right voltage.

  3. Darrell Brown
    Darrell Brown says:

    Hi, You seem to know what you're talking about with this equipment. Is it possible to have a Yagi and Omidirectional antenna on the roof all coming into the booster. Or more specifically, coming into a switch that can be used to switch back and forth between the two antennas as needed. I'm looking for the switch. Thanks

  4. davva360
    davva360 says:

    This is definitely the most difficult item to overcome if you want to go full time. You just don't know what type of setup will work for any given location until you get there. Even campground wifi can be so erratic. One place I have been can be fantastic high speed internet one day and slow as molasses the next day for no apparent reason.

    I would love to go full time in a year or two, would need a different rig but would also need to figure out connectivity as I would still be working remotely.

  5. windsongshf
    windsongshf says:

    Thank you for the video. You truly understand the importance of staying connected while working.
    Hubs can go remote, but his job depends of internet reliability. He works for a company, and not self employed. He's a valued employee and loves what he does and the last thing he wants is to lose his job or stress out his boss!
    We were even thinking of just sticking to parks that allow a local provider to wire us in if we stay at an RV park several months at a time, but they are not easy to find it seems. Hubby is doing all the research on cell, hotspots unlimited plans etc. and we're willing to pay for the services to keep us connected. He also works conventional hours and on the phones, web x, internet pretty much all day.
    Sorry this is turning out so long… I'm curious, what your work schedule is like. Conventional hours? A flexible schedule? Do you stay put at a campsite for a while or constantly on the move?
    My hubby is M-F so we'll be exploring on the weekends.
    Thank you again!

  6. Jack Rodgers, Jr.
    Jack Rodgers, Jr. says:

    I have unlimited data on my iPhone 8 Plus. It will share 15 GBs as a hotspot. If I want large screen I can connect the iPhone via hdmi to a 4K tv. Great for showing my videos and apps. The issue is signal strength and a cellular booster is a good idea. If I have a WiFi connection I can use it in the same manner or connect via my WiFi router.

    My current WiFi connection is 20-30 times faster than my best Verizon cellular connection and I wonder how true 5G will be. Note: as a pioneer I started with 12 Baud POTS connections graduating to the first cellular connection in south Florida using google a cellular stick for my Powerbook. Now my iPhone 8+ is a million times faster than that PowerBook….

    I won’t mention that I find TV so corrupt that I don’t watch it preferring YouTube and it’s real time biased reporting that shows me things the majors avoid or distort. Of course that is a real quagmire at times but then I just change channels.

    The issue is signal strength and I think rather than spend all that money for this telco switcher I’d spend it on a second iPhone for at&t and use whichever worked best. Turn one phone off and the other on….piece of cake. Two phone numbers, can’t reach me on one, try the other. Or the local throwaway phone with great reception.

    Like the Walmart lady suggested, buy the cheapest Verizon phone and share it’s signal…

  7. Terry Miller
    Terry Miller says:

    Would the system you use be fast enough to support logging in to a company's vpn? My wife works remote for an insurance company and deals with customer personal information. We purchased a Hughesnet Gen 5 mobile buisness satellite system and the speeds are great until she logs into the company vpn. We go from 35 to 45 Mbps to less that 1Mbps when she logs in. This makes it impossible for her to do her job. We just started full timing and are now look to have to come off the road if we can't find a solution. ThankTerry

  8. Jonathan W6TFK
    Jonathan W6TFK says:

    So I dont know if someone asked already or not, if they did, point me in that direction. It seems that you are really tech saavy so I will ask a question that has been plaguing me about all of these systems. Is there any reason to not go with a Ubiquiti Rocket M2 outside your rig into something like an Edge Router and then an air gateway for your internal network? I know the WiFi Ranger seems a more all in one "Pretty Package" but I feel more comfortable with enterprise type gear. or am I making it too complicated? What are your thoughts on keeping it simple vs something a little more robust? I appreciate your videos! From a tech guy… you've given me some great ideas!

    I would also love to know what your thoughts are on creating an internal network on your rig using a plex server vs. a standard DLNA through something like apple TV or something.

    Appreciate your work!!! Thanks!

  9. C-Dub
    C-Dub says:

    Great video, thank you! How would you rate the Winegard ConnecT 2.0 as a solution like yours? We are preparing for a 2-3 month road trip and need to stay connected for business.

  10. Penny Rand
    Penny Rand says:

    I'm excited to find this, have been frustrated that I can't go FT as long as I'm working. (I like money!) I have to be on VPN all day to be able to work, does this setup give you enough bandwidth?

  11. Madden 2000
    Madden 2000 says:

    Do you have a home? Or do you really just live in the RV? Like thats you actual home? I been thinking about living on the road or getting a RV and going to places that will take longer then a day driving and the main problem i have is the wifi i cant go anywhere without wifi and have been looking for ways to have wifi with the RV

  12. William st john
    William st john says:

    Wow! thanks so much. I'm a newbie Travel Trailer guy who needs wifi solutions. I'm a music teacher and don't have time for slow connections and time-consuming problems. I thank you guys for helping us out here in the real world. I have subscribed to you and will be watching.

  13. Living Past Tomorrow
    Living Past Tomorrow says:

    This is one of the best videos about RV connections I have come across! Thank you so much for the information. One detail i cant seem to understand currently is how to connect the wifi ranger to the Pepwave. How does that connection happen? Or do you have to switch networks off your 'local' router to take advantage of the rangers wifi connection? Thanks!

  14. Four ZeroFour
    Four ZeroFour says:

    I'm considering that booster for my camper, as I regularly park it in a place with basically no usable reception. Currently can't spend as much time as I'd like on the road and/or out at that property because of signal issues. Here's hoping it'll fix the issue.

  15. Tt Ss
    Tt Ss says:

    Im sorry but you make this more complicated then it is. You have the same equipment thats in a home only difference is you grab running a simple cell hotspot most cares have them now already, rather then a cable from a provider once its grabs the service you have a booster/ wifi network again in plain english its a router which again are in the home as most router have signal boosters in them in short its a modem with router on it nothing really special or technical about it let alone complicated.instead of paying for two phones of service your paying for a hotspot also which mind you att and verizon both offer for free in your cell service. Not to mention you mention a Verizon land line lol its VOIP again no box needed for that when you have a connection. just saying… In the end i like it and if it works for you then i have no place to say what you should do 🙂

  16. Aaron D
    Aaron D says:

    Fantastic video! Have watched it 3 times, lol. Thank you for this great information. We are getting ready to go full time June 1st! So excited! I am a day trader and need good secure internet. Going to go with the pepwave Max Mini. Looks to be the same as the MAX you use just fewer LAN ports? Or would you recommend staying with the regular MAX? Also been working with your contact for unlimited data plan. They have been fantastic to work with so far. Can't thank you enough for all this great info. I felt lost on how to best stay connected before I saw your video.

  17. Brian Kimball
    Brian Kimball says:

    I work in financial services and mobile connectivity is super critical to me, as it is for you! I am a first-time RVer AND going. To be full-timing with my wife and kids. Lots of challenges ahead!

    My plan was to use a WeBoost Connect 4G (I believe the residential unit broadcasts a much stronger signal than the RV model), WiFi Ranger Elite AC Pack FM, Pepwave Max BR1. It looks very similar to your setup. Based on your post, I’m looking into the unlimited unthrottled data, as that would be a big budget win for me.

    Do you see anything that I might be missing? I’m less concerned with saving money and more concerned about the most reliable and fastest connection that I can realistically get in my coach. Thanks for your video and input, much appreciated!!

  18. RVLove | Marc & Julie Bennett
    RVLove | Marc & Julie Bennett says:

    Great video Erik! Thanks for sharing this – very helpful. First time we've seen that tech cabinet behind your RV, stealthy! Hope you guys are doing great! J&M PS. Yes we just use two MIFIS – now we have one Verizon and one AT&T (both with unlimited data) and 2 iPhones on T-Mobile. All working out great so far, and about to install our Weboost 4g-x RV soon as well… Hi to Kala!

  19. Mortons on the Move
    Mortons on the Move says:

    Great Job with this vid Eric! That's a great setup, and well explained. This is your forte.

    What are your thoughts on the low earth orbit satellite systems for internet? Might change the game for everyone in the coming years if it can be pulled off.

  20. Dick Ruth
    Dick Ruth says:

    Really like your videos, thorough and comprehensive…..Question, we are about to get into full time RVing….where do you reco to buy the various things we need: water regulator, tire monitors, surge protector, etc….would love to get advise as to where people go to buy things…

  21. Dan Saile
    Dan Saile says:

    This is not a question specifically about the topic this video covers.
    I catching up on some of your other videos and had 2 questions.
    1. Did you purchase your coach from MHSRV?
    2. If you did, can you please elaborate as to the experience you had with the?
    I have long been looking at their site and was curious as to how they treated customers.
    Thank you


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