Oregon Coast Gets Busy! & The Blue Heron French Cheese Factory – Campground are Full!


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It’s a popular time of year on the Coast! We enjoyed our trip down the coast while having a few struggles! 🙂

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My name is Dave and I travel with my dog Bella in a 1990 Fleetwood Bounder Class A Motorhome. This is our tour across America. So join us if you’re open to travel, fun, excitement, hiking & exploring. Wish us luck on this adventure! Maybe we’ll see you down the road sometime. Happy trails!

My channel is about full time RV Living in an older RV while keeping the wheels rolling on a budget. I do the repairs, updates and upgrades myself. I’ve become my own RV Mechanic/Medic! I seek boondocking opportunities every chance I can and power the RV with 500 watts of solar and approximately 500 amp hours of batteries. RV Resorts are just not our style!

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  1. Rita Osborne
    Rita Osborne says:

    The Blue Hearing Cheese factory was nice, glad to see Bella is doing great, enjoyed your video , I finally got to try out Rhea Springs recreation area in Spring City , Tn , was so beautiful and relaxing. safe travels🤗

  2. Tom Rodgers
    Tom Rodgers says:

    I bailed out on the Oregon coast too! Right after Tillamook, I took highway 22 over to Salem and got onto I-5 South. I found that, after a while, the Oregon coast just got to be too winding for what it was worth and never ending.

  3. Bold Venture
    Bold Venture says:

    Did you know ALL Oregon shoreline/beach is public access? Oregon does not allow private ownership of the coast. Also, the beach is considered a state highway, Oregon Department of Transportation has control of the beaches.

  4. Rich 372
    Rich 372 says:

    FYI…just in case you're not aware, there have been dogs die from algae in lakes around the country. Mostly in the south….but we don't let our dogs drink from anything but their water dishes.

  5. Sheryl O'Bryan
    Sheryl O'Bryan says:

    I love this video. I like the stop at the cheese company. Make sure you clean the goat slobber off of your lense. 🙂 I love the beach. Beautiful views of the coast. Have fun & safe travels.

  6. Susan Ronan
    Susan Ronan says:

    Help help help help please. I an very new by 2 weeks in this way of life and need pointers. I have a atlas and internet but always have trouble finding some place to stay..I know free campsites.netbut just can't get if together because I done know how to do this.

  7. Ke Le
    Ke Le says:

    Look at your girl run! I love to see happy dogs enjoying themselves. Such a good dog dad knowing she needs off-leash run time, and taking the time to bring her to a special place to do so! I know that water is cold, but I wouldn't mind walking in it shin deep for a bit. You and your camera weren't getting along that day – lmao. Just a couple more weeks and there should be plenty of spaces, when the students go back to school. I'm no beach bunny either, but I'd treat my dog to it just like you do. Not only was there a place, it was an interesting place, inside and out. So glad you showed it. I love preserved veggies and olives. Dave, they had Castelvetrano olives!! If you've never had them, and you like olives, they taste like a cross between black and green olives. YUM! You might not be a shop visitor guy, but that shop really is awesome! You said you're in Tillamook. You really need to go to the Tillamook County Creamery, all kinds of interesting stuff. Scott and Terri visited and it was really cool. But wherever you go, when you post a video, I'll be here to watch. This was a great one. Safe happy travels to you and Bella!!!

  8. Patricia Miller
    Patricia Miller says:

    Yeah, our Oregon Beach area gets packed in August, especially that Cannon Beach section. Try county parks. There are several. You got a good solution at the cheese factory. We also have a few casinos. The struggle is real.

  9. Mary Cox
    Mary Cox says:

    Salt water might do Bella some good. Beautiful beach pictures.
    Our ocean is warm. Beach parking and access is getting expensive in Florida. I am not sure but I think Jimmy, wandering Jimmy stopped or stayed at Blue Herring
    I could be mixed up?
    Enjoyed your vlog

  10. Mystery
    Mystery says:

    You found a very pleasant place for over- nighting at last!!….Blue Heron cheese looked tasty, and the farm animals was a cheery surprise…Thank you Dave.

  11. Carla Head
    Carla Head says:

    I’m a new subscriber to your channel,sir and what beautiful breathtaking scenery of the Oregon Coastline !! I just love seeing new exciting places such as that and am looking forward to seeing where your adventures carry you next. Looking forward to watching future your future adventures. You dog Bella is such a pretty girl and that was a nice store!!! Have you done any traveling in Canada? Hope you have safe travels!!

  12. TJ Abston
    TJ Abston says:

    Great video, beautiful beaches and really nice to know about the cheese company. If it was a MACK truck, I learned to drive on a MACK, one of the newer models. 🙂 lol.

  13. JT Wanderer
    JT Wanderer says:

    You may already be past…. but near Florence, the federal campgrounds have spots available that can't be reserved – first-come-first-serve only. If you want more info, respond and I'll let you know… prefer not to tell the whole world 😉 Happy Travels! So glad Bella is better!

  14. F&T
    F&T says:

    That is a great place to stop overnight but I love the ocean so a spot on the beach would be amazing too.Great to see Bella doing good again. Cheers!!!


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