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Before I hit the road as a full-time solo RVer, I could only imagine what life would be like. For better or worse, sometimes I was wrong. From travel safety, to maintenance, trash, and solar to relationships, today I’ll tell you my TOP 10 EXPECTATIONS that were no so great AND I’ll tell you what I’ve learned from viewers and friends, as well!

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26 replies
  1. Linda Gross
    Linda Gross says:

    I think when I try to imagine what it would be like to be solo on the road, I always think in terms of a "mixed" bag. I think it is fine to boondock, but I would like to be in a campground some. I am really torn over whether to go for a diesel pusher or a gasser. Big or small? Learning the ropes on repairs, generator service, and whether or not I as a 78 year old can or wants to do simple repairs. I think I could, it's just getting down and up that I have a problem with. I may or may not ever get to find out, but a lot of things go into the research of all the questions I have. First, being, am I too old? I don't feel like. I'm an excellent driver, even in 5:00 pm rush hours. I see good, I walk okay, I feel good. I keep telling myself if I don't get to it soon, I will be too old. So far, the only step I've made is putting a small Christmas tree on my desk with Rvs as decorations. I'm going slow because my hubby doesn't want any part of it and I think I will go off and leave him for a week at a time and just leave home cooked meals in the freezer. LOL! That'll show him! Of course, it may show me a thing or two also. You know what they say, be careful what you wish for. Oh well, I can dream. Happy trails.

  2. Bei Fiori
    Bei Fiori says:

    So true about the trash. That's a big issue sometime based on the place – where to throw out trash. RVers produce trash as well! We typically use walmart bags so we don't have to throw out a lot at a time.

  3. smc130
    smc130 says:

    I’m retired and decided to quit dyeing my hair back in May, and wow! The freedom is just awesome! I have natural curl just like I had as a child and having cut my hair short in June, all the old color is gone and I love my silver at 70! I should have ditched coloring my hair years ago!!! My advice is “Got gray? Embrace it and let your silver shine!”

  4. MsMilynda
    MsMilynda says:

    I never had expectations, I learned as I went, but I learned with an older truck and an older TT. After 2 years, I had lost an axle, turned around on a road that was just 2 lanes and deep ditches, wiped out a protective rail at a gas station, put the wrong kind of gas in the truck, didn't know how to hook up the camper the first night out, shorted out the refrigerator because I didn't have the outlet protected with a screen, got caught in a blizzard on 70 in the mountains (never pulled in snow, it was a surprise storm), thought my camper was on fire when the hot water heater went out and a flat tire and the spare was rotten and wasn't easy to find, but other than that, I loved it, but came off the road after a heart attack

  5. Nancy Chardt
    Nancy Chardt says:

    Massachusetts here. November 11, 2019. Happy Veteran's Day ! Excellent explanation on what to expect on the road. Yes, wind gusts and semi trucks blowin' past you at 65mph when you are driving a high-profile vehicle is unnerving to say the least. Fish-tailing from HELL happens. I drove a UHaul from San Diego to Dallas last February. Not a good idea. (Had to move to Massachusetts). Great video, girlfren !

  6. Aisha Serrot
    Aisha Serrot says:

    I just recently joined the fulltime RV life and I did have some good expectations and understood the decision I was making at the time, but now I wish things were different, just a tad. I realize now that having 2 geriatric dogs in an RV is a bit of a hassle. I can't just open a door and let them out to potty and go back to sleep as I was used to doing. I have to go outside with them and walk them around several times a day to potty in the heat, the cold and the rain. I also didn't realize that having a 5th wheel RV would be AWFUL on my knees! We are going to trade in this rig for a 1 level park model instead. The 5th wheel is spacious, but having to go up and down the stairs to my bedroom is NOT something I'm prepared to do for long! One more thing I wish I had understood better was that wind is a serious thing to worry about when you're mobile, but being stationary is even MORE scarier to experience! These wind storms we've had lately are really scary to feel in a stationary RV! Lastly, I didn't expect the community I live in to be sooooooo friendly and helpful and welcoming! I'm thankful and very grateful to God for having found this RV park! In the subdivision where I sold my house, I only spoke to my front and side neighbors. The rest were like they didn't exist! Here I speak to many neighbors because almost all of us have dogs and we all walk our dogs several times a day!

  7. Danelle Downer
    Danelle Downer says:

    Well done very well then this by far is the very best video I have ever seen. Most of the time it seems that everyone is really talking about how they broke down or how wonderful the freedom is. I like the down-and-dirty reality of life AKA the truth as different people experience it. We are getting closer to retirement and the thought of hitting the open road sometimes seem so appealing but then there are so many things to consider and things to think about. It's one thing to take a trip here and there it's another thing to say you're going to be gone for a year or this is going to be your life. I would like to hear from people that thought this was great and it was great for a. Of time you know a few months to a few years and then how they made the transition back into a brick-and-mortar a regular house. We do worried a bit of how we will make money if we are on the road. At least a little bit will be needed to supplement retirement and give you something to do. I've always kind of you'd boondocking or living on the road as very similar to camping. Or like we did during hunting season which can be 2 to 3 months long. The last hunting trip the big hunting trip was followed by living in our trailer while we were waiting for a house to be built that put us there for 6 months. What a nightmare but life was different back then. We had kids and school and job and all the things that come with it and schedules. But I still wonder how it would be. And then I look and watch people sometimes a lot of older people and I hear stories and they're also happy and they talk about what they did and it seems that all they did was went and parked in a parking lot somewhere and played Bingo and had potlucks. No thank you very big no way what I ever even consider that. I would see more going out and having Adventures hiking rock climbing scene different parts of the country maybe joining a group to rescue animals from natural disasters I don't know anyway thanks again for the good video. and if you're ever in my neighborhood you always have a place to park for stay Southwest Washington on the Columbia River

  8. Pamela Stanley
    Pamela Stanley says:

    So true about moving day! It's like having a toddler and you can't just run out of house to do something! Travel/moving day is much more intense than I expected but have just now accepted it is what it is and to just roll with the slowness!! Well lessoned learned!!😍

  9. M. D. Grimes
    M. D. Grimes says:

    You are really good at this Robin, and your hair looks great. I remember being totally surprised the first time I didn't want to play with my toys…now I'm surprised by the frailty of old(er) age. We watched an interview of a woman 103, it was done in 1972. She was asked what had changed the most in her lifetime and she answered, "Everything has changed, everything."


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