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A new entry into the luxury trailer market is the stunning new AVIA by nüCamp RV. This trailer is absolutely beautiful, full of features, and it’s really built to last. nüCamp RV really makes an impression for those looking at top-of-the-line trailers (caravans). The 2020 AVIA is worth the look. Compare the AVIA to top-tier names like Airstream and Lance, and it certainly holds its own. PJ from Princess Craft RV takes a good long tour… come along!

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Dry Weight 5185 lbs (Approx)
Tongue Weight 700 lbs (Approx)
Interior Length 21′ 2″
Overall Length 28′
Interior Height 76″
Overall Height 9′
Interior Width 85″
Overall Width 88″
Fresh Tank 43 gal
Gray Tank 39 gal
Black Tank 41 gal
Fridge 3-Way, 5.0 cu ft
Propane Two-20 lbs Tank
ALDE®Radiant Heat 11,000-18,700 BTU
A/C 15,000 BTU
Battery Two-6 Volt AGM


ALDE® Radiant Heat
ALDE® Flow System
1500 BTU AC w/ Dual Climate Controls
European-Styled Cabinetry
Premium Sound System w/ Subwoofer
1200-Watt Inverter

Dry Bath
Sky Lights
Fold-Down Sink

Convertible Dinette/Bed
Leather Cushions
Adjustable Table
Stargazer Windows

Deluxe Spice Racks
Sink/Stove Combo (3 Burner)
Convection / Microwave Oven w/ Air Fryer
3-Way 5.0 cu. ft. Refrigerator / Freezer
24″ Flat-Screen TV
Vented Range Hood

Queen Size Bed w/ Euro-Slat Bedsprings
Privacy Doors
Remote-Controlled 13-Speed Vent
28″ Flat-Screen TV
Wardrobe, Overhead & Bedside Cubby Storage
Ambient Lighting & 110V/USB Outlets

Power Stabilizing System
nuCamp Signature Door
Lighted Entry Handle w/ Motion Sensor
Top-Line Solar Package
Project 2000 Aluminum Entry Step
Lamilux® 4000 Fiberglass Skin
Aluminum Structure w/ Azdel® Sidewalls
Omni-Directional Antennae
Exterior Shower
LED Utility Lighting & Marker Lights
Premium Exterior Speakers
110V Patio Outlet
Back-Up Camera
16′ Cassette Awning w/ Bluetooth® Control
Pass-Through Storage

Acoustic Meditation 2 by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (

Equipment Used to Make This Video:
iPhone 7
Zhiyun Smooth 4 Gimbal
RODE Rodelink Filmmaker Wireless Microphone System
Zoom F1 Audio Recorder
Adobe Premiere video editing software
Adobe Photoshop (Video Thumbnail)
Fovitek Studio Pro Light


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  1. Heracio Sands
    Heracio Sands says:

    I can only see Millennials owning this. I see they tried to make it for retired persons, but the minute the touchscreens come into play, they'll run for the hills to their big 5th wheel's!  

    The bathroom. Wow! That is the biggest no-no I have ever seen. The sink workout….the pull-out toilet wall…really? That is super convenient…NOT!

    Most of the time when we camp, we want storage. Like the outside storage!! Interior is kinda complicated to access, but ample for sure. Nice job there.

    The interior is just too odd. The lighting is a bit ridiculous and overly complicated. How many different lighting sources does one need? Seems like simply more systems to break and replacement parts look like fun…Kinda like Heki Moon roofs!!!  

    Kitchen…Sink is small, stovetop is great. Micro in odd location. Not a Galley guy… Refer, I'd have to actually see it in person…Wife is picky and likes 8 cu feet units. We take ALOT of food! (of course we only use 50% of it)  

    Master…I think I'd prefer less cubbies and more open/closing drawer in the bedroom. I cannot say an adjustable bed is a bad idea, but not sure it would sway me either way. Like the storage.

    I'd pass on the radiant stuff….I wouldn't want to deal with it as the coach ages. Less systems, more reliable.  

    I like the unit…I didn't love it though….I would prefer one with a better bath design, but the rest is doable.

    The price seems fair. What is the warranty? Available parts?

  2. Cheryl B
    Cheryl B says:

    I can see one issue right off with the placement of the convection oven. Not that it's in a bad spot but maybe you should have considered the doors a bit further. made them to slide back when open as in slide back inside the cabinet like console doors for an tv entertainment stand. Then they would be out of the way and folks don't have to try to walk around or half close when trying to use the microwave etc. just a thought.

  3. George Suchenstein
    George Suchenstein says:

    Looks like a direct competition to Airstream. It does have 1 big advantage over Airstream. Should be more hail resistant. But the inside Airstream kills it. Except the movable table the inside is just not practical. Bathroom/kitchen. Nicely made but not practical. If I had to spend 50 – 60k I would probably get a nice 5th wheel.

  4. kay Exline
    kay Exline says:

    👎 this is the worst travel trailer I have ever seen
    your kitchen area might as well be zilch not not even their should have made your dining table smaller because your kitchen's not big enough to feed the people that would sit it it's so big should be reversed bigger kitchen smaller dining area and the way the bathroom commode wall slide in and out
    LOL 😂 bad bad idea sorry

  5. kay Exline
    kay Exline says:

    OMG your sink is so pathetically horrible that is the worst one I've seen out of anything I've been watching and the stove runs a real close second to your sink

  6. Ger Ger
    Ger Ger says:

    Few things I did not like. I do not like a front dinette, I prefer having a front kitchen area. This unit has a galley kitchen area and it becomes a traffic hang up. Also I did not like the bathroom either. I don't like a split bath. I would rather have an aisle going down the side of the trailer and then have a full bathroom between the aisle and the outside wall. Having a side aisle floor plan, you don't have to look into the bedroom all the time especially if the bedroom is a mess. Not real crazy about the back rear window either, in cold weather your head gets off like hold and you have to put a lot of blankets in insulation over that we are window for your headsets. Probably would like to see a few more mirrors on the inside, near seem to make things happy and larger such as found on the pre-vote Liberty buses. The solar panel was way too small on the roof, and I didn't hear anything about a built-in generator.

  7. Geoff Gordon
    Geoff Gordon says:

    Ya'll really need to find another person to do these walk-through videos. She doesn't seem to know what she is going to say and her voice is so monotone. I feel like I want to go to sleep listening to her. She struggles to operate the doors.

  8. Lonely Prepper Homestead
    Lonely Prepper Homestead says:

    Too bad they shaved 2" off the average ceiling height for other RV's … that's an automatic deal breaker for us tall guys. There's no luxury in having to constantly stoop over. Must have been designed by a short person. On a positive note, it just increases my interest in the Lance 1685 which has the taller interior height.


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