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NEW 2015 Newmar London Aire 4553 Class A Luxury Motorhome walk through with Chris Anderson at Mount Comfort RV in Indianapolis, Indiana 1-800-899-6676 Click the link to see more info!

The return of the iconic London Aire motor coach is no longer fantasy. Rather, it’s an irresistible combination of power, comfort, style and affordability that transforms the dream of owning a Newmar luxury coach into a reality that’s well within reach.

Built from the ground up, the all-new 2015 London Aire pairs an astonishing 600 horsepower Cummins® ISX diesel engine with a painstakingly-engineered Freightliner® tag axle chassis and premium technology like Newmar’s exclusive Comfort Drive Steering system with adjustable controls. All at a price designed to bring the joys of superior Newmar luxury and performance to more travelers than ever before. Uncover everything the new London Aire has to offer and you’ll discover an extraordinary package unmatched by the competition.

Standard Options:

Freightliner® Tag Axle SLR Chassis with 600hp Cummins ISX Engine
Polished Aluminum Wheels
Back-Up Alarm
Electronic Chassis Information in Display in Dash
Anti-Lock Braking System
Hydraulic Leveling Jacks
Comfort Drive™ Steering With Adjustable Control
Recessed Fuel Fills with Crossover to Fill from Either Side


25 replies
  1. Canuckbelgo
    Canuckbelgo says:

    Chris, that was lovely but only one glaring thing that I would definitely change if I could: all that dark-coloured wood. It reduces the luminousity everywhere and makes the place look like something from 1985. If you could make all the cupboards and woodwork white or light-cloured at least, it would be gorgeous!

  2. jdudb
    jdudb says:

    Here in Europe, dark brown wood with sharp corners and heavy molding appears so old fashioned but I still would not say no to one of these.

  3. sweetie9ful
    sweetie9ful says:

    That guy is so funny when pointing the corner shower with triangle built_in shelves to store bath stuffs (in the full bathroom shower), when he says "I don't use a lot of shampoo clearly but some people do I hear??" what he is talking about and I have to look back at his bald head one more time…'re right my dear, no shampoo for you but not others!!!

  4. austrorus
    austrorus says:

    half – bathroom seems to be a waste of space to me. rather more for storage, special when one uses the – bus- as a permanent home on the road. instead of a TV in the bedroom i rather have a big vanity mirror. ladies need to do their face even on vacation or on the road.
    the drivers seat and the seat next to it, would the swivel back to be included in the -furniture? or is this against the driving – road – whatever law?
    who can afford that and who will drive this huge monster? i will be afraid to see some 79 or 80 yer old retiree chugging along the road…


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