New 2015 Little Guy Teardrop Tag Travel Trailer RV – 281 371 7200


New 2015 Little Guy Teardrop Tag Travel Trailer RV – Holiday World in Katy,
Mesquite & Las Cruces


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  1. M Langford
    M Langford says:

    I like that can you do a video of how the ac drains, and with the ac so far forward does it work against it's self since the unit will pull cold air thru the cooling vents for the cooling system. It seems that the big fan on the coils would pull out so much air. I want one of those campers and just as soon as I can will have one.

  2. Deborah Brooks
    Deborah Brooks says:

    I bought a 2018 love it lots of room could buy a big one for the same price but who wants a big one you have to Parkette in the lot pay $2000 per year go three months out of the year where I can go every day I can travel All over the United States from the money I save in gas it’s worth it why buy a camper you cannot haul that’s pretty stupid

  3. M Langford
    M Langford says:

    It is really nice but I built mine for $993.00 take a look I put the build on my channel, your trailer is superior to mine but I don't have payments and I can afford to camp more often.


    OF COURSE THESE THINGS HAVE BEEN AROUND FOR 80 YEARS! IN EUROPE 20 MILLION WERE SOLD IN THE 50-60's but what has happened to america ? u use to get a price at least a starting point can't stand an ad with no price whatsoever! LIKE A HOME FOR SALE ON A REAL ESTATE MAG WITH NO ((PRICE!!) AINT GETT'N MY TIME WITHOUT IT!

  5. angela emmens
    angela emmens says:

    Had a 1977 vw van bigger than that paid 400 dallors for it. Just need new break pads. If going to spend night out just put cusion for bed had a little gril, icechest, bucket lol Did not need a lot
    went back forth from hilo to kona Hawaii just me and my son the beach and stars at night chilling on top of the van lol. It all depends on
    your budget and comfort.


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