More Mold + Fixing Water Damage from an RV Leak


Today, we find another RV leak coming from a damaged water pump connection. We have to repair and clean up more water damage and mold but it’s one more thing that won’t break again on our full time rv adventure.
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Hi! We are Michael + Jenny Justus. We post videos on our life of alternative + sustainable + healthy living. Our desire to live a more meaningful life led us to concoct a crazy plan: Downsize our belongings, ditch the “9-5,” and move full-time into a solar-powered, self-sustainable tiny home on wheels with our two dogs, Chase + Roni. Taking this leap into the unknown has completely transformed our future, so be sure to hit that SUBSCRIBE button, join the Justus League, and follow along to see where the journey take us!



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42 replies
  1. radwizard
    radwizard says:

    You just wanted to take your shirt off. J/K. Thanks for uploading your videos. I have been watching them. I have 27 footer I'm getting ready to renovate. Lots of great info here.

  2. Josh O Hern
    Josh O Hern says:

    I'm a little late to your videos, but I chuckled when you said "this project is a little more than I expected"…. aren't all like that? LOL. Looks like you're in AZ – I grew up in the "Wildcat Country". I certainly don't miss the heat, but now, I gotta deal with high humidity of SE Texas (Houston-Galveston). Great video and thanks for sharing, kids!

  3. the404man
    the404man says:

    Im going to be restoring my RV it has bad water leaks and mold.. funny thing, i need that same part you changed, mine looks just like the one you had in your hand at the end.

  4. S K
    S K says:

    I know that there are a lot of RV videos that show how to fix problems….and a lot that show stunning scenery….but there doesn't seem to be many videos that are somewhere in the middle (i.e. just showing a typical day, perhaps in a typical campground or typical kind of outdoors-y spot). I'm curious about the real life / day-to-day living and upkeep when living full time in an RV. I know YouTube videos are going to be made with a point in mind and the helpful DIY RV videos deliver on that. However, lately I feel like all the Full Time RV living videos I've been seeing are pretty much warning people to almost not buy an RV….especially if you're not a diesel mechanic, experienced plumber, electrician, etc…….and definitely not if you don't have thousands of dollars sitting around all the time in case something breaks, which is literally always happening. I just keep hearing over and over how much money people have "had to" put into their RV and that they constantly "have to" fix some sort of plumbing, electrical, engine…..problem. I own a home so I've definitely got a sense of how often things break or need replaced; However, if I'm being real, most problems that arise are things that don't "need" to be fixed immediately or often a simple fix with tape or something can suffice. There's not often major issues even though my house was built in the 30's…most things are just an annoyance. Obviously, I'm talking about a house and not an RV, so I know it's not apples to apples, but I'm curious how often things really do break and absolutely need to be fixed immediately or how much money you're spending every month on RV repairs. Do I need to have a lot of money to live and travel in an RV? Do I really need to be an expert on engines, plumbing, and electrical repairs? I'll be living in my RV by myself, a single woman, and working from the RV, so I'll need things to be reasonably reliable as I'll be using my phone and video chat quite often for work. This means I need to be showered and clean for video chats 🙂 I need reliable cell phone and internet connection for my work, daily. I can't be doing repairs on the side of some road everyday. Sorry for the long comment, but I'm beginning to feel a little confused by RV full-time living. Is it really constant work and money?? Is it that bad?

  5. Kathy Gallagher
    Kathy Gallagher says:

    Hi Guys,
    I suggest you cover that subfloor with some self-stick vinyl flooring of some sort. Since you only need a little you may find some scrap or remnant to do it with. Then get a rubber mat to put on top of it for sound insulation and to keep stored stuff from bumping and slipping under there. You also might want to put a mechanical stop (like a block of wood) between the water pump and storage bay to protect the plumbing and wiring connections from mechanical damage.
    Kathy G

  6. Grannies Road Trekking
    Grannies Road Trekking says:

    WoW we just fixed 5 days ago a water leak we found in our water pump 😳. Yet when we found the original leak after 3 hours another part of the intake hose had a small leak. Then 2 hours the couple clamp area on the hose leaked 🤪. Then no more leaks.

  7. 2AZSUN
    2AZSUN says:

    Whoa my eyes, my eyes!! There shoulda been some kinda warning this ends in a strip show!! But gotta say, you peeled those gloves off like a champ!! And no, I don't know. What does looking so midwestern mean??? Michael, for a midwesterner, you never fail to entertain. T

  8. Jane Gasior
    Jane Gasior says:

    Do you think you will put down new carpet? I personally hate carpet in RVs….No matter where it is! We are currently renting a house and it has hard surface floors in most of the house but, not in the bedrooms. I really believe the carpets just collect germs and moisture..Let us know what you put back down in that space if anything.-Jane

  9. Idaho Rider
    Idaho Rider says:

    Wow! That really is a big job. Would have been a minor repair if you would have only known sooner. That is not always easy to know. You dealt with it though. Good job!

  10. Eat Sleep RV Repeat
    Eat Sleep RV Repeat says:

    Perfect timing… The rig we just bought that arrives on the 22nd, we know has water damage in the bedroom near the front door. This is an immediate repair we need to tackle as soon as we get it. Never thought it could be because of the water tank, which is near the damaged area! Thanks for sharing! -Angie

  11. Uwe Schroeder
    Uwe Schroeder says:

    As many have noted: bleach only kills mold spores it comes directly in contact with. The "bleach" part of bleach evaporates quickly and leaves water behind – essentially what you're doing is killing some surface spores and feed everything that's soaked in. There are specific mold treatments that soak into the wood and do a deep kill.
    I don't see why this area has carpet to begin with? Particularly household carpet? Either get outdoor carpet (there's some cool ones made from recycled plastic) or just do rubber mats or some truck bed liner. Those water components shouldn't be above carpet to begin with – if the floor were rubber you would have seen the puddle ages ago.
    PS: mold is not asbestos. Why throw the shirt out when you can just wash it?

  12. Land Lubber
    Land Lubber says:

    Just letting you know I’m a homestead homie! I subscribed because this is where I want to be in the near future and then eventually on a homestead. Have a blessed day!!

  13. Sharon Martin
    Sharon Martin says:

    As mentioned add a soapy wash to the flooring. When dry seal the wood, mold etc with paint or polyurethane. Perhaps there is a product just for that? For storage areas go with those foam interlocking tiles. Deadens sounds & if one gets damaged, easy to replace. Thx for your videos, it has given me lots of advice for things to look out for & fix. Hugs from At a Snail’s Pace.

  14. Bad Santa
    Bad Santa says:

    It took me a while to warm to your channel but you have won me over. Your persistence and "can do" attitude and are admirable. Plus you seem really comfortable in front of the camera now which makes the vids very watchable.

  15. Living Life In Between
    Living Life In Between says:

    We had the same piece break on our water pump last week!!! We couldn't find a replacement, so we just hooked the water line directly to the pump. The 12 year old filter had absolutely no sediment or foreign objects in it, so I think we're good. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

    I hope you don't have any more issues with mold!

  16. Bill Anderson
    Bill Anderson says:

    FYI – Use bleach or vinegar to kill mold spores?::

    "Both distilled white vinegar and hydrogen peroxide will do an effective job of killing mold spores in porous materials. Bleach can *only kill mold on non-porous surfaces*, as it does not penetrate porous surfaces; so mold roots are left to grow again."

    Since all that wood under the tire is porous it may be that the bleach was not as effective as you hoped and the spore roots may still be alive. So you may want to respray with Hydrogen peroxide/vinegar to kill those bastards. Just tryin' to keep Jenny safe! 🙂


  17. Terry Russell
    Terry Russell says:

    hey guys, Michael why in the world would you keep carpet under your bed with a tire on top ? Just get rid of all the carpet and be done with it, yuck yuck, bad stuff, it's like having carpet in you bathroom @ home, hehehe, I need to know the out come.

  18. Hockey Nutt
    Hockey Nutt says:

    Hey Guys. This little unit is the best thing ever. They are 9v water detect alarms. I have 7 in my house near the washer, basement water heater, each bathroom. They are cheap and amazing. It does not send a message to your phone, but when they detect water, you will know in a big way. they are loud. Downside for you, is if they go off and dogs are alone. Worth every dime.
    Smarthome MT400 Water Leak Detection Alarm

  19. Travis Smith
    Travis Smith says:

    Those pre-pump filters don't drain very well. I busted one on our first RV during the first winter. The replacement was the same as yours, but I had to raise the water pump up to allow the filter bowl to b on the bottom to keep the sediment in it. Looks like you have plenty of room for that.


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