Modular Pop Top Ford Transit Camper Van Walk Through | ModVans CV1


Full van tour of the ModVans CV1 modular pop top camper van on the Ford Transit chassis with the 3.5L EcoBoost engine. Full list of Class B Manufacturers:

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30 replies
  1. Funkentelechy Razzamatazz
    Funkentelechy Razzamatazz says:

    That bathroom design is really lame man. What you should have done is the following: Keep the 3 seats facing forward or just get rid of them and put two captain chairs in back. Dining area in the middle area. The back area, completely walled off with a door to have a proper bathroom where you can poop and shower in privacy. Nobody wants to pull a curtain and have their family hear them taking a dump, sorry. Everything about this Van looks like it was designed by somebody who never spent a couple weeks on the road.

  2. Barry Diamond
    Barry Diamond says:

    Absolutely, positively not worth the money. It looks cheap and flimsy. Better off buying a $30,000 van and throw a mattress in the back and use 24 hour fitness toilet and shower facilities.

  3. Dale Marcell
    Dale Marcell says:

    Just found this video. Not your regular Camper van. Reminds be of are old VW camper van. This unit has some interesting features and setup.

    Not a camper that is always ready for action. Setup takes sometime to do. Layout is setup for maximum sleeping area for a full family of 4. Bathrooms area is more of emergency situation, not something you would use if had access to a regular one. Overall a camper for weekend use and not for people living on the road.

    Great intro video and information. Thanks for giving us a look.

  4. hbarudi
    hbarudi says:

    $85,000 no thanks best to get old used and cheap, the whole purpose of this is to avoid paying rent and having the RV as an apartment unless you are wealthy and can splurge this kind of cash from your $multi-million bank account.


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