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Dirtpatcheaven left a large part of themselves at DSH. A 1978 Vintage American Clipper RV, Dodge Sportsman. Danny will be modernizing it inside and reworking any operating issues with motor and transmission. The inside will be updated to modern appliances, new woodwork, electrical, plumbing and lighting. The goal is to have it solar, electric and gas where needed turning it into the ultimate bug out vehicle, a tiny house or simply a recreational vehicle.
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39 replies
  1. Michele Austin
    Michele Austin says:

    Great video…this is my new life style as im going through a divorce…i decided to live in a old motorhome with my two dogs .
    My moter home is in bad shape but …it represents a place of peace.
    I sure wish I could get some good ideas to make my living sweeter….potty in a bucket is not as bad as i imagined.
    Thanks for your videos❣
    One of my concers is the door was broken into previous to me owning it….i can send a picture so you can possibly give me some suggestions( i cant aford to replace it)….i would greatly appreciated it.

  2. Patriot Jefferson
    Patriot Jefferson says:

    It's so sad & such of waste time & perfectly good material to destroy all the original retro cabinets & paneling. ☹ It can be brightened up with mustard yellow. This is such a nice retro RV.
    Replacing the floor & fabric is understandable, they're in bad condition.
    I understand switching out anything dangerous.

  3. Jean Reed
    Jean Reed says:

    In a place like yourself. 2 weeks ago I got a 1987 converted Chev Van. It has only 34,000 miles, no rust, only thing that I can see is a broken lock in the house battery compartment. I am not mechanically inclined, going to be taking it to a shop just to look it over for things I don't understand. Please bless me with knowledge to get it right. Delaware. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Walter
    Walter says:

    I hate to say it, but I thought mine was in good shape before I started tearing it apart. One leak goes EVERYWHERE!!!!!!! It is maddening how much damage there is that can't be seen at first glance.

  5. Ruby Hernandez
    Ruby Hernandez says:

    I was just gifted a 1973 Minnie Winnie that was sitting for a few years. My husband is taking care of the “mechanic” side of things, but I want to get any tips on how to go about restoring the inside.

  6. Kenric Sukalski
    Kenric Sukalski says:

    The main thing that bugs me on my family’s new 1985 Winnebago elandan ,is light mice damage/mess ,carpet all over even in the bathroom,and the dark colors and lemon color instead of white

  7. Kim Chloe
    Kim Chloe says:

    So glad you did this video I have been a sub for a while and I just bought this 1977 dodge tioga I have to fix and update. Maybe i'll take it to you one day.

  8. Two Girls Homestead
    Two Girls Homestead says:

    Awesome, we bought land it paid for, now got an old 1999 Forest River Georgetown, gutted it and have start to re due the inside, but found we have to take all the windows out, and reseal them, plus fixed the walls, it is for sure a big project, but we need a something as shelter so we can start to build. The engines starts runs, but have no idea about the generator, plus need all new tires so we can drive it from Florida to Tn park it and live. May the good Lord give us the strength and money.

  9. TheOldFarmersWife
    TheOldFarmersWife says:

    I am brand new to your channel, have only watched a couple videos.
    I have a couple questions about your remodel. We have a 1983 Chevy Tioga. Why only electric? We use our propane much more than electric, unless we are plugged in. Do you have some advice to share on the over cab bed? We are both in our 60's so are making more night time trips to the bathroom. Climbing over each other several times, makes for poor night's sleep. We now use ours as our primary storage
    Another comment question is the furnace. We've purchased a Buddy heater & hope to take the furnace out. Not efficient at all, requires generator if not plugged in, so using 3 sources of energy. I'd also like to install an on demand water heater, do they make any that can use either propane or electricity?

  10. John Baker
    John Baker says:

    subscribed – As an elderly homesteader/RVer myself, I admire the scope of your plans. You have great confidence and a comprehensive skill set from your experiences. Best of luck to you!

  11. SouthernLadyWithManyHats
    SouthernLadyWithManyHats says:

    We've got an 85 Bigfoot (Made in Canada) that we're suppose to be reworking. Wanted to take out the windows and reseal them. Ours is also fiberglass, 4 axles. He's got the tires off and was going to start working on the hubs but hasn't yet. They're probably needing some updating to. I've gotten the curtains taken down and going to make my curtains for it. My cushions in it are a wine color and cleaned up very well. I shampooed them all. It had old carpet in it and in all my research on the internet I saw where everyone with a Bigfoot saying they had vinyl floor covering under the carpet when they removed their carpet. So I got in a corner under the table and low and behold mine also has vinyl so I ripped that carpet out like a mad woman! lol LOVE the floor now!!! You should have seen our when they got it down here. I actually have pix of the cleaning it up process. His cousin had it and had given it to us before he passed away. He had planned on redoing it, but got sick so he wanted us to have it. So it's very sentimental for me! Anyway he and a friend went and got it and that's a very long story in itself and I am soooo glad I didn't go with them because I'd been a nervous wreck the way they had to bring it down here from TN. lol Here's some pix of ours on my blog…… Good luck with your RV Danny and Wanda! I can't wait to see what you do with it!!!!!!!

  12. Living Life with Jay and Jen
    Living Life with Jay and Jen says:

    Looking forward to this. I have a 1978 dodge sportsman, 23 footer. It is original but has a completely different lay out. I actually Love my layout compared to all the other layouts I have seen. If you want ideas of layouts let me know I can send you some photos and such, but it is currently up north at our BOL. Have fun, work on reliability of the vehicle before cosmetics.

  13. dpower02
    dpower02 says:

    Good Luck Danny I hope it works out, I was sorta going along with what you were  planning but when you came around front and I seen the Dodge letters my heart sank.


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