Meet Roy the RV – Our New Home On Wheels


In 2014 we’ll be travelling across North America in a new Fleetwood Excursion 33D. We moved in over a month ago, we’re mostly settled and organized, so here’s a tour of our new home on wheels.

If you mention Roy make sure you use our #FleetwoodRoy

Learn more about our RV here:

Music By: “My Luck” by Broke For Free (


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  1. Rusto Rinco
    Rusto Rinco says:

    Someone or someone’s must had super college smarts and figured out to get rich quick and enjoy life while young. This lifestyle doesn’t happen to normal people.

  2. Rixanne H
    Rixanne H says:

    awww! <3 My Grandpa's name was Roy too. He passed away about 2 years ago. He was always dressed to the 9s. Drove the big pimp mobiles. Treated my Grandma like a queen. Your Grandpa is so cute 🙂


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