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Our trip to Glacier National Park last summer made it very clear. Knowing our RV’s height (and other measurements) is critical!
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Ignorance is NOT bliss if you try to go under a low overpass! 😳

— Height! —

While most of your RV’s measurements are pretty straight forward and simple, the height can be tricky. We’ve seen some measure to the roof height, then add for the AC, but this can be inaccurate for a number of reasons. The best way is to measure straight down from the tallest point on your RV.

First, you need to be in travel mode on a level surface. This means hitched (for a towable) and jacks retracted.

The tools you need are:
* Level
* Tape Measure
* Tape (duct tape, gorilla tape, etc)
* A 4′ straight implement of some kind (2×4, angle iron, etc – something that is uniform and will not bend)

Tape the measuring tape to the BOTTOM of whatever you’re using to extend over the side. It needs to be the bottom because you’ll be placing the bottom of the other end on the highest point.

With someone down below to measure, place the implement on top of the highest point (usually an air conditioner), and make sure it’s level (using the level of course).
Drop the tape measure down to the ground, being careful to make sure it’s straight down. Gravity is your friend to make sure it’s straight.
Have the person on the ground record the measurement. If you have a fairly level roof, measure from each AC and use the highest measurement. Easy peasy!

— Other Measurements —

It’s also a great idea to know your width and length. Measure your FULL length in travel mode (hitched, towing, etc).
You should also know your weight! Most truck stops have CAT scales and we’ll be covering that in another video/blog.

— Document It! —

Once you have all of your measurements, document them on a 3×5 card (or something similar) and keep it in the cab of the cockpit of your driveable.
Have all measurements in both imperial and metric. You don’t want to be doing conversions at the last minute when you encounter your first overpass in Canada!

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40 replies
  1. Mary King
    Mary King says:

    We are members at treasure lake in Branson mo normally it is members only. They are willing to open up to any RVers for $20 a night full hook ups. Please let others know

  2. oregonarcher
    oregonarcher says:

    I am 13'4" in a Super C so always pre-plan my trip routes (and RV camping spots) for height issues. The scary part is getting re-routed while in route. We were down in SW CA on the way to Yosemite and that happened because of flooding (2 years ago). I actually pulled over, hooked to internet, dialed up the trip with new route to make sure we would not have issues. My in dash GPS stinks. At that time I used the Good Sam trip planner but now they don't have RV warnings on their mapping. Switched to TV Trip Wizard for just that reason. I have not tried it on my phone yet. Do you like that feature?

  3. Tim Cooper
    Tim Cooper says:

    Great video. I measured ours, but I didn't think about converting it to metric, great tip!
    Our rig is 13'4", so I think we will just follow you (at a socially safe distance). I know if you make it so can we! 🙂

  4. Carl Emery
    Carl Emery says:

    Great video, simple and yet some may not of known how to do this. I hope you were able to enjoy some of the Charleston area without rain. If I'd known you were here, may have "bumped" into you guys. Stay safe and socially distanced…

  5. Timothy Pinto
    Timothy Pinto says:

    I just had MorRyde IS installed on our Momentum. They were able to level out the rig front to back vs factory springs. Back AC was 4" lower than front with springs. What I learned there was measurements are dependent on tow vehicle setup. If you change tow vehicle, hitch, etc you'll need to remeasure rig. For example, Ford must have realized the Superduty '17-'19 beds were too tall for 5vrs, and the '20s are 2" lower. According to MorRyde's measurements the high spot is 13' 5.5" and low is 13' 5".

  6. Hector Rodriguez
    Hector Rodriguez says:

    Also, the city as they pave the roads they should be changing the height of these bridges. If they add an inch of asphalt, well is not 13'6" anymore now is 13'5" …. great video and thank you for sharing. You guys are one of my favorite RVers. Stay safe as the Covid-19 passes.

  7. S Keim
    S Keim says:

    I needed this video a year ago.i tore everything off the roof of my brand new toy hauler.the insurance company paid out 15,000 for my mistake.great video

  8. Jim Pikul
    Jim Pikul says:

    When you let the air out of the bags,the trailer is going to lever the tail a scotch higher.
    Also, when I drove a big truck, I measured the height and width also. Made a couple of labels and stuck it in the upper corner of the windshield. I like the idea of a card, but as you are traveling the card may have worked to the lower half of the glove box. And at speed not to easy to find. Also, as someone else stated, sometimes the measures aren’t accurate.

  9. secondwind75
    secondwind75 says:

    Tara, I'm sorry to say I did know that throw in the video wasn't your first attempt. Just a feeling. Good news is, Chad can take you to any carnival you find and you'd clean up because you hit that awning in the same spot every time! You are way too much fun to have around. Keep it up, kid. Thanks for another great vid. Troy

  10. Captain Skippy
    Captain Skippy says:

    A Rand McNally RV gps almost got us killed. We ended up on dirt road that turned into a one lane gravel road around the side of a mountain. My GMC 2500HD was pulling a Grand Design 303 RLS fifth wheel. There was no possible way to turn around and thank God we didn’t meet any other vehicles. When we arrived at the campground the folks were shocked we came through the “Jeep trail”. All settings on the gps were correct. I contacted the company and they said there were some “internal errors” in the unit. I trashed it that day and purchased the Garmin. We’ve only had a few minor issues with it.


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