Maxx Air vent cover installation by RV Education 101®


Mark Polk with RV Education 101 demonstrates how easy it is to install an original Maxx Air vent cover on your RV. Once the vent cover is installed you can have fresh air coming into your RV rain or shine.


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  1. Lynn Mace
    Lynn Mace says:

    Neither of my vents are easily accessible from the side. Is it ok (generally) to put weight on the roof to get these installed? The RV place wants $65 to install them. I would think they have to be on the roof too….. help!!

    GEAUX FRUGAL says:

    I want to get one of these and not install a vent. I have a very small camper 4×8 I need just one spot so I can sit with my head up. If I sit on the floor I have head room but if It sit with a stool my head has to be bent over that will cause a pain in my neck. I priced a clear dome they are $60 That should work but If I can see out they can see in?

  3. CayceHobie
    CayceHobie says:

    Major PROBLEM!! If you do not lay some type of exterior foam under the vent, or caulk it to the roof, as the regular vent is sealed, you will find tiny debris in your screen that comes from under the vent cover. Don't like looking up and seeing leaf particles! ; )

  4. MarvelDcImage
    MarvelDcImage says:

    I am actually thinking I am going to install this outside my brick house's guest bathroom window which overlooks another house (it is a small window) so I can get some privacy while window is open. The vent side will face down course.


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