Rusty78609…17 miles from Ruidoso is this great, small RV park. Great location to escape Texas Summers…6400′. A LINK TO AMAZON PRODUCT: thank you!!!


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  1. Clint Price
    Clint Price says:

    Nice video as usual Rusty. If anyone wants to hear the positive side of anything, listen to Rusty doing a video and you get the good in anything. Life can be difficult at times but we don’t have to make it harder.

  2. Bob Giddings
    Bob Giddings says:

    At Sipapu, near Taos, at 8 am on the 18th, it was 34 degrees F. Hasn't been that low since, but I was glad to have it while it lasted. Currently at Big Arsenic, where it is 81, but it is dry and cool morning and evening.

  3. Judith Neeley
    Judith Neeley says:

    Hey Rusty! Are you aware just down the road a piece, 4 miles east of Lincoln is the ranch where Richard Farnsworth, the country western movie star lived? It's right on the road, north side. Look for the windmill/well out front and fancy gate. The house itself is single story, set back from the road and unassuming. There's a YT video about him you might enjoy watching. If you already knew this, my apologies. Happy trails.

  4. coral french
    coral french says:

    Hi Rusty! My husband and I watch you every chance we get and really enjoyed joy your videos! We live in Japan for another 3 and half years working for the army here in camp Zama. We hope to one day when we get back to the U.S. we can do exactly what your doing. Enjoy and be safe!

  5. Michael H
    Michael H says:

    Hey Rusty
    Love your videos from NM. I spent last winter in a little RV park in Tularosa but I'm looking for somewhere else this year. Do you think it'd be too cold at Mama Bears for an old motorhome to stay over the winter? Thanks

  6. Bill Davis
    Bill Davis says:


    I think your videos conveys your wonder & adventure. My sense is this is why people find your channel so compelling. You put a fresh light on the very basic things that most people are too busy to notice. A simple walk through a rv park is something to appreciate!

  7. Hurricane806
    Hurricane806 says:

    Hello rusty I liked the tour of mama bear rv park. I was wondering if you could do a video on how you set up you're amazon store?👍keep the videos coming👍👍👍👍😀

  8. Dorian Christe
    Dorian Christe says:

    This RV park is always nice. I can see why you enjoy it. What is the long term cost of those resident spots. That is such a beautiful area. Capitan, NM is near perfect, to me.
    Thank you for sharing, Amigo.

  9. Triple J’s Travels
    Triple J’s Travels says:

    Hello Rusty, we were just there last month and stayed in that middle space under the large tree. I do have to agree it is a great little park. The owners are wonderful and so is the grounds lady, I believe her name is Sandy. Anyways safe travels!!

  10. Donald Knight
    Donald Knight says:

    Rusty buy you some of the little white caps that snap over the rivits on your casita. I have a 2007 casita and have replaced them twice. The sun makes them turn dark and crumble up but are easy to replace just snap the old ones off and pop the new ones on.

  11. Creaky Oldman
    Creaky Oldman says:

    Rusty, in your walking by the stream video you said you thought you had found peace in your life. Philosophers tell us that age should bring wisdom and peace. Maybe in a beer 30 or driving video you might give us your views on the amount of wisdom you have achieved in the last 25 years compared to the previous 25. In other words do we accumulate wisdom faster as we age?

  12. Robert Bradford
    Robert Bradford says:

    Rusty I know you don't want a generator and I am not suggesting you get one. I just wanted to share that we had a food truck come by our office today to provide lunch and they had a 3000 watt Honda inverter generator attached to the rear of their truck, I was surprised how quiet this thing was. Of course I don't know the cost and there are maintenance issues as well.

  13. Shawn Showalter
    Shawn Showalter says:

    I'm glad everything is close by and that you have a/c and water. Not my cup of tea but if you like that spot then that's all that matters. Why did you decide against Oliver Lee? Do they not have electric and water there?


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