Look inside the 19 foot 2015 Shasta Airflyte Reissue! | Mount Comfort RV


No longer in production.

Take a video tour and see the NEW 2015 Shasta Airflyte 19 foot in Butternut Yellow and Matador Red with Shasta President Mark Lucas!

Mount Comfort RV will have a limited number of these gorgeous Airflyte reissues in stock. Call us and get yours today! 1-800-899-6676 Click the link for more info! http://www.mountcomfortrv.com/default.asp?page=xInventoryDetail&id=826137&p=1&s=Year&d=D&sq=airflyte&fr=xAllInventory

Big thanks to Josh Woodward for his Creative Commons music entitled “Josie has the upper hand.” http://creativecommons.org




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  1. Tee Bee
    Tee Bee says:

    Needs a better design. Knocking someone in the elbow, thigh, or knee is a big deal, especially in the middle of the night. A pocket or sliding door makes more sense. And, who wants to sleep so close to a bathroom?

  2. Janet Browning
    Janet Browning says:

    Just to spare that cushion from eventually wearing out, where the bathroom door opens…you might want to put something either on the cushion or the door to protect it…just a suggestion. It really turned out cute and still looks retro!!😊🏕

  3. E M
    E M says:

    Well the presentation should have been a lot better if you think about it everybody looks at it through YouTube maybe you should show a finished product and why is it the width seem small of the trailer shouldn't be a little bigger put in a queen size bed in there on the back.

  4. Robert Sparkes
    Robert Sparkes says:

    I think you messed up with keeping the interior vintage…Example being, all retro cars have state of the art interiors and power plants…I bet after four years and time to think about it, you'd say I'm right.

  5. Annacolleen
    Annacolleen says:

    I'd love to buy a used one in a year or two . I have a very large property and my grandchildren like to visit and camp. Suits me fine since they bring their friends and it gets a bit noisy. I think they'd like something like this, as my older C class is my "Little House" and I don't want it ruined!


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