Long & short stays in classic mobile homes at Oregon RV park

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Going back to the 30s-40s, “mobile homes” began to excel when some small companies combined attention to detail with modern materials to fit the demand of recreation after WWII. A “vintage trailer” park in Oregon has restored some of these all-time classics.

The Vintages Trailer Resort is technically a street of classic mobile homes for overnight rental inside a longer-term RV park. Here you find not only Airstreams, but a 1947 Spartan Manor, a 1951 M-System Special Deluxe, a 1965 Boles Aero, a 1953 Vagabond M31, a 1958 Ideal, a 1958 Oasis and a 1965 Avion.

Here you can test drive a vintage caravan for a night or two. From convertible table beds to all-in-one toilet/showers, the tiny amenities of classic campers set a lifestyle, but we found the RV neighborhood itself – the bikeable streets and open-door community – is worth trying on for size.


Original story: https://faircompanies.com/videos/vintage-trailer-resort-as-timeless-unplugged-or-getaway/

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26 replies
  1. Daniel Moulder
    Daniel Moulder says:

    Super cool. I watch a ton of your videos and had no idea you came to this place. Its just down the road from where I live in Portland. I work for a place called Ultimate Airstreams, where we do custom Airstream outfitting and this place got me very excited. Much like AutoCamp in California. Keep up the awesome, thought provoking videos!

  2. DanTana
    DanTana says:

    I like your video good job I've been living in a 1957 Spencer Craft for 16 years and still find it beautiful. such quality craftsmanship that went into these homes and trying to keep everything original living near the ocean in a tree filled park [moisture] with All metal outside and wood inside it needs care. currently having a problem with one outside wall that never gets sun and wants to rust. thank you enjoyed it.

  3. BAMA Woods & Water
    BAMA Woods & Water says:

    I'm not sure how trailer parks are where this guy is but they certainly don't have camper trailers in them and you've got to jump through hoops just like you would an apartment. If you've got a history of not paying rent they don't rent to you. And the deposit is pretty substantial.

  4. Cody C
    Cody C says:

    Another great video. I love the calm your videos give. It's sort of embodies the whole idea of tiny house minimal living because there is no music or editing done. Love it. Inspiring.

  5. smartoldlady
    smartoldlady says:

    Wow. I lived in an 8' x 36' mobile home (can't remember who made it – an eastern company, well insulated) in the late 60's. Everything I needed. Loved it; would still live in one, but life happened and then a family. Such nostalgia. Wonderful idea to recycle the old mobile homes – the wood panelling was real wood and beautiful to look at. There really was craftsmanship and much thought given to the building of those homes. Wonderful video.

  6. Annacolleen
    Annacolleen says:

    This is what I dream of bringing back. I can so well remember what this life was like. Kids were safe when they went outdoors alone, things were smaller, cozier, more family oriented. Women hung the laundry outdoors, and we'd hide our faces in it and breathe in the freshness. It was so great to be a child in the 50's and 60's. Then things changed rapidly.


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