Living in an RV for a WEEK!!


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Living in an RV for a WEEK!!
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43 replies
  1. Yachy Ivy
    Yachy Ivy says:

    Oh man this actually seems exciting and fun!!! I’m going to tell my fiancé if he totally wants to rent an RV and travel all across Texas!!

    Curious to how do you guys park and sleep? Anywhere or you have to find an RV Park?

  2. Juliana
    Juliana says:

    Oh my goodness!! I’m a yooper from houghton living in the lower mitten 🙂 I am sooooo excited for you to see how beautiful it is. ❤️❤️❤️

  3. Emily Bosarge
    Emily Bosarge says:

    Hi Milena! I have been absolutely LOVING your videos recently, particularly your mommy videos, but all of them are wonderful! I'm starting to get some serious baby fever and my husband and I are thinking about trying to have our first child in the next year or 2. We also have 2 wonderful pitties, who we love like they are our own children! I am super interested in hearing about how you introduced Alethea to your pitties, and the steps you take to allow them to interact in a safe environment, and would love it if you made a video on it! If this type of video isn't something you're wanting to make that's totally fine too! No hard feelings here, you gotta make videos you love! Anyway sorry for the long post, but thanks for the wonderful wholesome content you put out. May God bless you and your family!

  4. Victoria Vaden
    Victoria Vaden says:

    This is such an awesome idea. We were planning to buy an RV to travel back up to see our family. It's a 17.5 hr drive and we’ve made that trip 3 times and NEVER AGAIN. We recently flew with our newborn and 4-year-old daughter, and our youngest cried until the plane took off. Soooooo our next option was to travel by RV lol….needless to say, this video was perf timing. Also, you're so right about Pits. I just had to put ours down after 13 years 🥺 but he never jumped LOL, so thanks for that memory.

  5. Heleana's Journey
    Heleana's Journey says:

    Omg when u guys did the Michigan hand I DIED 😂😂😂 my parents are from Michigan and all my aunts and uncles literally always talk to me like that as if I understand everything. I love love love it 😂😂😂

  6. jessica pepper
    jessica pepper says:

    Dunes Harbor family campground is amazing! It’s on silver lake right by lake michigan. It’s a christian campground and it has a pool for little alethia! Love you guys, hope you check it out!! 💕💕

  7. Maria Montoya
    Maria Montoya says:

    One thing you have to bring camping and im saying if you dont have Smores you are not camping. When my parents wouldn't bring Smores when we would camp me and my sisters where so sad. There are 3 things that make camping amazing Smores, a camp fire, and ATV Riding oh and sometimes fishing.

  8. Emily F
    Emily F says:

    Ludington 😊 I go there every year.. first weekend in August for my family reunion. The prettiest place & my favorite place 💛 You would not regret stopping there. Right on Lake Michigan 🌊🌞

  9. Joanzie's Life
    Joanzie's Life says:

    Hilarious intro…I recently listened to your Opening Up About Past Drug Use podcast…your transparency is appreciated love watching and listening to you guys. You never fail to make me laugh. Im thankful for faith based youtube channels and podcasts like yours. You guys rock! Love y'all!

  10. Hayleigh Elizabeth
    Hayleigh Elizabeth says:

    OMG THIS LOOKS LIKE IT WOULD BE SOOOO FUN!!!! ❤️ Milena looks so beautiful!!!! She is so fun to watch because she’s kind, genuine, and bubbly!!! She never fails to put a smile on my face!!! Who else agrees that her outfit is ON POINT?!

  11. Macy Meaby
    Macy Meaby says:

    I can’t tell you how much I needed to read Matthew 11:28 right now. There is so much going on in my life, and I really needed to see that and to be reminded that when I’m weary, I can always go to Him and He will give me rest. Thank you so much for putting that verse with this video. I really needed it.
    You’re family is so stinking cute! Love y’all and I’m praying for y’all and your future! Xx

  12. Lilian Ferraz
    Lilian Ferraz says:

    Hey Milena. I just saw your video about autoimmune disease. I recommend you research what is the impact of the grains on the gut in people who have autoimmune disease. I had Irritable bowel syndrome in the past and i stopped eating gluten and "All grains", all seeds and this changed my life.
     Also we need a healthy gut for a good nutrient absorption and serotonin production.
    Take a look at some videos of Dr. Natasha Campbell Mcbride.


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