LIVE – RV Repair Update – Superstar Starfishes And More (V1947)


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10 replies
  1. Doc Ink
    Doc Ink says:

    Good enough will tow lil bleu with no problem but lil bleu shouldnt be towed so either a dolly that holds the 2 front wheels or a small car trailer are the better options, trailers are easier to find and lil bleu isnt that heavy so something like a landscapers trailer will work and those are all over swip swap etc. On a different subject jacksonville has a program to help homeless vets specifically get housing, hit me up on fb if you want more info (jaxon correa) or contact the shumacher center

  2. Paul Burns
    Paul Burns says:

    Denoy, what about a motorbike.

    Live in good enough, do your commute to work on bike.

    It could save you a fortune on fuel on a bike rather than blue.

    only an idea good luck whatever you do

  3. TheVegan Athlete
    TheVegan Athlete says:

    Sorry I missed "As the Van Turns" 😂 Luv your content!! Your plans sound great!! I subscribed to your Pay It Forward channel when you launched it. Maybe you can give me some pointers on my other channel that I'm trying to grow. It's just daily tennis and basketball at my local park with a very diverse group of players (from Russia, Ethiopia, China, etc..). It's called Krazy Kengar Tennis. Check it out, let me know what you think😀


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