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LEGAL NOTICE Logan Planning Commission August 13, 2020 The following public hearing(s) will be held in the Logan City Municipal Council Chambers at 290 North 100 West at 5:30 p.m. Contact 716-9021 or for further info. PC 20-011 Foothill Residential Subdivision [Subdivision Permit] – Nic Porter/Foothill Lofts Residential, authorized agent/owner, request a 23-lot subdivision on 8.37 acres located at approximately 1250 North 1200 East in the Neighborhood Residential (NR-4) zone; TIN 05-011-0005. PC 20-032 Deer Pen Substation [Design Review & Conditional Use Permit] – continued from July 9, 2020. Logan City requests to install a substation at approximately 1880 East 1500 North in the Recreation (REC) zone. PC 20-039 Blue Spring Business Park [Design Review Permit] Jason Larsen/Quayle Family Properties LLC, authorized agent/owner, request to construct two buildings, one 86,240 SF and the other 73,920 SF. The buildings will be shell buildings for future tenants that have not been determined at this time. The primary uses will be office, warehouse, light manufacturing, or other similar uses on 24.95 acres located at the corner of 1000 West 1000 North in the Industrial Park (IP) zone; TIN 05-050-0005;-0021. PC 20-040 A-OK RV Park [Zone Change & Design Review & Conditional Use Permit] Danny MacFarlane/Stan Checketts Properties LLC, authorized agent/owner, request an RV park with 86 sites, 10 cabins and a 3,500 SF office/administrative building, and to rezone the 7.87-acre property located at 800 West 2000 South from Commercial (COM) to Recreation (REC); TIN 03-006-0006. PC 20-042 CAPSA Parking Lot Addition [Conditional Use Permit] Joseph Beck/CAPSA authorized agent/owner, request to add eleven (11) additional parking and landscaping to their newly-acquired .20-acre adjacent lot located at 310 West 1000 North in the Neighborhood Residential (NR-6) zone; TIN 05-046-0017 Published August 1, 2020 Ref. No. 20486

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