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#sugarants #antsinrv #rvtipsandtricks Oh No! Ants! ANTS!!! If you have an RV and camp, we’ve all heard the yells when it comes to those annoying critters that invade our camper. If there is a path into the camper, these menacing bugs will overtake the pantry and any other place that may have something they want to eat.

Have no fear. We have a solution. There are many tips from tainted sugar to deadly sprays you can find on YouTube and throughout the web. Our solution has been used in backyard gardens for years and following the label directions can be very safe. Our objective is to keep harmful chemicals outside of the camper and only use safe solutions that won’t have a health impact to the human and pet occupants.

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  1. Silas Longshot
    Silas Longshot says:

    You can get a 10 pound bag of Diatomaceous Earth plus a 'puffer' for this problem, non toxic to kids, pets, etc for about $26 from Amazon. Should last about 10 years of camping! (You can of course get smaller bags and a separate puffer).

  2. Jen Fugit
    Jen Fugit says:

    I have to agree with the Diatomaceous Earth solution. It is made of natural products, and basically when insects trek over it they are being cut by a million pieces of glass. It does need to be re-treated when rain occurs, but much safer for the environment, pets, children. Used the same way essentially as you have shown, all contact points to the ground or you could dust your parking area before you pull in. I was in a Texas State Park last summer during a horrid Argentina Ant invasion and not a single problem…well until I put a trash bag into my rental car. UGH But the camper was fine! Off to find information about a safe way to keep the mosquitoes at bay!

  3. Old Rv'er
    Old Rv'er says: – THis is the big brother to the little ant stations. I walk next to our MH, and squeeze this powdered granules out of the top all around of the coach, it kills them dead for about 7 – 10 days. Great stuff, 1 bottle last most of all a season, no smell. Keeps them out great. Never had them inside using it.

  4. Chris Gear
    Chris Gear says:

    In Western Australia we use talcum powder or baby's powder.The ants will not cross it because it clogs the pores in their body where they breathe . It's Eco friendly and cheap to purchase. Chris from Western Australia.

  5. Sander Tel
    Sander Tel says:

    maybe a good idea to have soft brush to brush that mountain of sevin dust around the wheels…I am sure a "white wash" of the dust works as well as a ridge of the stuff… Could last you a whole year then…or two..

  6. Dale Kundtz
    Dale Kundtz says:

    Have used Sevin dust and liquid Sevin for years for ants and other crawlies around foundations without any problems. Thanks for the reminder and demonstration. Never had a problem with kids or animals.

  7. James Crutchfield
    James Crutchfield says:

    Jerry you are SO right, I didn't even think about 7 dust since we have owned our camper the last 4 years. Oh my goodness we where camping at Anastasia State Park in Saint Augustine and that was the first time we had an ant problem, But it was a big one. Our site was covered in ants, and like you said get out the spray and started spraying all around the jacks,tireshose and had them inside all around the sink.

  8. tarfoot
    tarfoot says:

    Them little buggers get in my laptop. I'll be messing on it and I'll start seeing something crawling on my keys and screen and it'll be them little sugar ants. Guess I've got too many crumbs in my laptop…..:)

  9. myk55501
    myk55501 says:

    Hey; Being a Floridian what works with out killing your animals is Home Depot Terro 2 oz. Liquid Ant Killer II IT WORKS EVERY TIME! its non-poisonous to Cats and DOG and kids. Cheap too. $3.77 for inside and $7.95 for Outside. DO NO USE SEVEN DUST it You will carry it in on your feet and Kill or damage your pets Liver and Kidneys. Trust me. Plus your never EVERY use pest Spray on Sugar or black ants. The colony will split off to other colonies basically doubling the size of the nests. As for Roaches Combat MAX and 60 g Source Kill Max Roach Kill Gel for the draws and cracks. This works and it uses the same pest stuff as your cat or dog flea medicines use. so it safe for Kids and Pets. I've use this and ITS works
    I have a Garden and I would never use SEVEN DUST its a Stomach poison and GARDEN SAFE product works and its organic pest control.
    If you have a VERY BAD ROACH problem only in the Outlets or under STOVES or Refreg would I use this chemical BECAREFUL IT LAST VERY LONG TIME YEARS!!!! BASF Phantom Aerosol Insecticide Spray 17.5 oz IT KILLS just about EVERYTHING. The Terro works on Fire ANTS too. Its Borax
    Hope it helps Myk.

  10. cgwworldministries
    cgwworldministries says:

    Lemon juice, dawn dish soap and cider vinegar in a jar surrounded by a mound of sugar off site keeps all sorts of bugs away, put a few of these off site. Use deet on a towel. Name brand off but Walmart deet works fine. Soak soak some towels and put them under tires, hang them around your camp site, on your stabilizers. Citrenella oil lanterns, and candles outside. Burn wet pine, the smoke drives all manner of insects away, bees, wasps, Hornets, spiders, maggots, ants, and mosquitoes hate the smell of burning pine. Take the soot and spread it around the site it even keeps wildlife away. Get some garlic cloves and just hang them around your tires and all over the camp site. It drives ticks away. Garlic sentry by the gallon is cheap, it's just liquid garlic. Last but not least, good old fashioned moth balls, place them under your camper. It keeps termites out as well as mice and rats and other wildlife.

  11. Hoping2Help
    Hoping2Help says:

    Swvin is a cholinesterase inhibitor and is toxic to humans. It is classified as a likely human carcinogen by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA.)[7] The oral LD50 is 250 to 850 mg/kg for rats and 100 to 650 mg/kg for mice.[citation needed] A recent study reports that Sevin is a structural mimic of the neurohormone melatonin and directly binds to MT2 melatonin receptor (Ki = 70 nM).[8] This could significantly impact circadian rhythms and increase risk for diabetes and metabolic disorders. It kills honeybees.

  12. Pamela Molina
    Pamela Molina says:

    Ok people seven dust is pesticide. It is banned in many countries including the UK, Sweden the Netherlands and others. Pregnant people need to stay far away. It can cause birth defects and spontaneous abortion. It has been known to cause a very severe lung disease called coal minors disease. As he was sprinkling it I thought omg he should at least have a face mask on. Don’t use on a windy day. It kills pollinators and beneficial insects. It stays in the environment for a while and washes into streams. Not a good idea

  13. Captain Sam Wilson
    Captain Sam Wilson says:

    I know this is old. but food grade Diatomaceous earth.. Kind of like Borax.. your cats can eat it and kills fleas too.. Sprinkle it around all the tires etc. anything on the ground that insects can climb on.. Plants love it by the way..


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