JD Scholten – Throwing Political heat?

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Speech to Text for JD Scholten – Throwing Political heat?

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during friday’s democratic wing ding fundraiserááá i talked to nearly all of the democratic presidential hopefuls, but there was another political aspirant in clear lake friday making himself available to the working press. seems towering former minor league pitcher jd scholten will once again seek to unseat representative steve king in iowa’s 4th congressional district. we’ve seen jd scholten around north iowa a lot in recent yearsááá á the flame throwing pitcherá turned politico came within a breath of unseating longtime republican firebrand steve king in 2018. he thinks he ran out of time last year as momentum built toward election day. in 2020 he says he will again reach out to republicans and independents. my two political heroes, tom harkin and berkley biddel, that’s what they used to do and when you prove yourself and go out there to the people, and prove that you’re trustworthy and prove that you’re going to fight for your constituents, you’re going to earn votes and that’s what we did last time and we’re going to do that again. six feet six inches tallááá scholten’s fast ball was clocked at a recent fair at above 80 mph. when you can still throw that kind of heat without warming upááá perhaps political optimism is a given. we’re doing events all over the district again. i got my rv, sioux city sue out there and what we’re, and which is kind of surprising right now, is about 25 percent of the crowds that we’re getting at our events are people that weren’t there last time, and success breeds success. it’s exciting when people want to get going from day one. we’re still just getting our feet a little wet and we’re just so excited about the excitement from our campaign. scholten and i had a lengthy conversation that included talking about his ability to reach out to republicans and independents should he be successful. he mentioned several iowa and wisconsin republicans he can already see finding common ground with. that included senator chuck grassley and representative mark pocan.

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