Is Camping World collapsing?


Is the RV Wingman a “kook” as some people think or is he seeing an accurate picture of things to come? He shares a story of another “collapse” of a Giant and how he predicted it. While not a “Hater”, Alan Warren isn’t afraid to call ’em like he see’s ’em. And what he’s seeing right now isn’t pretty. Post your comments below or leave a voicemail 24/7 at 1-330-Wingman


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  1. J M
    J M says:

    Thanks for telling me you didn't want me as a customer since i supported Trump. I found many other RV dealers that love my business and saved me more money.

    SCOTT COWELL says:

    When they charge 140.00 dollars an hour to work on somebody's camper it's no wonder the may be going under the person in soiux falls SD camping world rv dealer ship said that was their hourly rate no way that employee is getting paid that kind of wage to work in their shop greedy ass people!

  3. Michael Prosperity
    Michael Prosperity says:

    The Trump effect once again. Diss the best die like the rest. We see it time and again. Tom Brady and his coach like Tump everyone hates on them. What happens!!!!! The Super Bowl with the Falcons ahead by 27 at the half the Patriots are out of it. Hate Trump, hate Trump. Then the Trump Factor happens. The Pats win the Super Bowl. Cary Underwood hates on Trump the next day she breaks an arm. The Trump factor is for real.

  4. Matt Strevig
    Matt Strevig says:

    My local Camping World is a joke. High prices low service. All of their salesman don't want to sell anything. They told me to leave and never come back, cause I called them out on a wrong price. Screw that company.

  5. In Periculis Audax
    In Periculis Audax says:

    It’s ridiculous that right wingers are claiming some kind of victory against Lemonis for his remarks calling out the racists who support Donald Trump. Because the impending demise of that franchise has very little to do with Mr. Lemonis does or does not like Trump (or wants openly racist customers) but has EVERYTHING to do with crappy customer service and flat-out greed.

    I live in mid-Missouri and have to laugh every thing I drive by the former Camping World locations in St. Louis and Columbia since both changed their names and are attempting to desperately re-brand themselves as “privately owned” when literally NOTHING has changed in the stores except the sign over the door and the logo on the clerk’s shirts.

    Not to mention their brand spanking new websites say, deep into the tiny fine print, they are a subsidiary of “CWI, Inc.”

    They SO want to distance themselves from the “Camping World” connection it’s hilarious.

  6. Tim Erickson
    Tim Erickson says:

    I hate camping world. It's owned by Good Sam. Good Sam is a lobbyist company that has lobbied for outlawing boondocking and parking rvs at home.
    That's right when granny comes to visit in her quarter million dollar rv. When code enforcement shows up and starts threatening you thank God Sam. When you can't find a place to park outside of a $100 per night meth head rv park. Or when. Code enforcement tells you it's illegal to park your new rv in your driveway thank good sams

  7. Joe Blow
    Joe Blow says:

    This greed is all based on the debt based system and it has put a spell on Wall Street and many in the banking system. They have kept this whole economic system floating through out of control expansion of credit (debt) to keep everything artificially up while the real economy is collapsing everywhere due to rising cost such as housing and even rental. Since this debt is tied to the US dollar (private bank federal reserve notes) it will cause massive inflation within the real economy even if they continue to artificially support the stock market. Buy anything that has real world value that has been suppressed through corrupt means (futures contract fraud) to hide real inflation.

  8. Bella Grace
    Bella Grace says:

    They'll be more people in hell over greed than anything else. How much is enough? Too a greedy person it's never enough, but hey don't blame him blame the people who keep paying the big bucks for inferior products. I stopped dealing with cable companies because of their greed and ridiculous monthly charges. I haven't had cable in eight years and don't miss it at all, but I'd like to have the money they waste on advertising soliciting me 3 times a week to earn back my business. I put my $2400 a year in the bank.

  9. Gary Howell
    Gary Howell says:

    Well Marcus Lemonis said he didn't want us Trump supporters ( deplorables) to shop at Any of his stores so if camping world goes belly up ,you got exactly what you deserved Marcus for putting your childish feelings before business,and I won't shed one teenie tiny tear over your co's demise

  10. V.T.D.G
    V.T.D.G says:

    Couldn’t happen to a bigger CEO’s mouth, this is for you Marcus Lemonis , you reap what you sow-taking a shot at Trump and his supporters.

    Looks like enough trump supporters took you up on your statement to not shop at your stores.

    You should have stayed neutral and kept your mouth zipped

    Now look at you

  11. The last Engineer
    The last Engineer says:

    Marcus Lemonis is an absolute degenerate, decisive piece of excrement, he like a few others need to go back where they came from in his case Lebanon. His disgusting intolerance and insults to half the population of America should not be tolerated


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