International celebrity + New channel name (RV Lifestyle)


The RV lifestyle …explore your options!

#RV life


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  1. natalie k
    natalie k says:

    Keep missing your lives, damn those jobs I work, always watch replays, thanks for the welcoming chill vibe,nice break from drama and real life😊 just saged💨💨 my house with extra focus on my phone💨,lol. No more bad juju here✌

  2. barbi K
    barbi K says:

    nice new name❤️love the you tube deck
    my fav shoes that I wore the soles off…vans half cabs. if you decide to roll the sprinter-head up north say hey! It was so cold this AM like we went from August to October brrrr stay cool✌️or warm🌿🌿🌿❤️


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