Hunting for Garnets & Drone Flight at Garnet Hill – Ruth, Nevada


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My name is Dave and I travel with my dog Bella in a 1990 Fleetwood Bounder Class A Motorhome. This is our tour across America. So join us if you’re open to travel, fun, excitement, hiking & exploring. Wish us luck on this adventure! Maybe we’ll see you down the road sometime. Happy trails!

My channel is about full time RV Living in an older RV while keeping the wheels rolling on a budget. I do the repairs, updates and upgrades myself. I’ve become my own RV Mechanic/Medic! I seek boondocking opportunities every chance I can and power the RV with 500 watts of solar and approximately 500 amp hours of batteries. RV Resorts are just not our style!

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27 replies
  1. Aleta
    Aleta says:

    So cool. I love that stuff. You can always moisten the garnet and it'll really pop .(use your saliva or have container of h2o). Once you start, it gets addicting…..That view was great.

  2. Crazy Nomad
    Crazy Nomad says:

    Enjoyed your video as usual. The desert does get cool. Most people don’t know that. The desert is a beautiful place! Ely is definitely high desert, too. Ely looks a lot like Alaska in parts. Thank you for sharing your trip there!

  3. Carla Head
    Carla Head says:

    Thanks Dave and Bella so much for another great video and for that scenic drone flight !!! I just LOVED ❤️ watching that drone 🙂🙂. Sorry that you weren’t able to find any jewels in those stones my friend. Hopefully next time you & Bella will have better luck-it sure was fun looking anyways. Don’t hurt to try -beautiful ,breathtaking scenery and what better way to see the scenery than by flying your drone . A friend of mine had a Phantom 4 at one time -looked exactly like yours. Thanks so much for flying it!! Until next time,later Dave and Bella-Give Bella my LOVE,ok? ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  4. Gary Winn
    Gary Winn says:

    Your temp, etc. would be great. Looks like Bella is back to jump and run mode. She sure must be a ( good feeler kind of dog).Most people think that a few guys or gals that go out looking for garnets, gold , what ever are there to have fun but do not realize how much real work it can be. I know because I have dry panned for gold around Quartsite and Yuma before. It's fun but not that easy. After seeing the drone footage you did have a good climb up there. We all know you would be more worried about the Bella than the bounder, right? Safe travels.

  5. J R
    J R says:

    Yeah, I can see the attraction of that place. It was 53 this morning and will get in the 70’s today in the Midwest where you don’t have any visited stickers yet

  6. R McNasty
    R McNasty says:

    Hello Dave
    Great Camp site & drone shots. Good Luck on exhost. Any Speed Shop or JEGS.COM should have one. If you have the room, Long tube headers or shorty performance headers in Stainless. $200 Use titanium exhost heat wrap. $60 ,That's enough to wrap a set of long tube headers.
    This wrap works on any exhost manifold or pipe. Reduced heat from exhost big time.
    You said u had a big block 454, Good motor. I's it fuel injected ? A set of Aluminum Heads & Aluminum performance intake, & Holly 4 barrel Fuel injected carb , Performace hydrolic variable lift ,Lifters. Performace cam .
    & Cable controlled exhost dumps behind headers. For when u need that extra power, Express yourself ,open the headers & Floor it. Just a thought.
    Drive Safe

  7. Sharon Hunter
    Sharon Hunter says:

    Your video is so crystal clear! Such blue skies out there where you are. That would be so fun looking for those Garnets! Wow! Looks like you got the fever! Great video. It’s so beautiful where you are! Love that Drone footage. Beautiful! Thanks for sharing with us all!


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