How to Winterize / De-Winterize (Summerize) Your RV Part 1


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  1. Me Michael
    Me Michael says:

    As a new RVer presented with some conflicting information on winterizing… this video calmed my nerves. We've just purchased a 38 foot Cougar 5th wheel. The manual and Keystone phone support told me to blow it out with max 30 PSI air and put in a gallon or so of anti-freeze through an external pump. It looks like this step is not necessary with the multiple drains and through attaching the anti-freeze to the on board water pump?? And my HWT is the same as shown in this video. Didn't quite understand how the one valve system would work without at least one check valve though (in the short piece of hot water line from the tank to the bypass tee), because otherwise the tank would fill back up from the top side. But I'll assume that the single valve is all that's needed to bypass. Thanks so much for putting this video together!!!!!

  2. Andrew Gems
    Andrew Gems says:

    You forgot to mention the outside water supply hose connection! Isn't it important to purge anti freeze by pushing the valve behind the sediment screen? I have seen this done.


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